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Wish List For Improvement For Madden Or ESPN NFL Football?

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  • Wish List For Improvement For Madden Or ESPN NFL Football?

    What kind of improvements would you love to see to better the game of Madden or ESPN NFL Football? Whichever one you prefer.

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    Me I'm a Madden guy so these are the kind of stuff I want to see to better the game:

    1. Better Home Field Advantage: Lets say you play a road game against the Broncos in Denver and you know that the altitude comes into play when you play in Denver for both teams. They should have the opposing teams players stamina run out faster. Like they get tired quicker because of the altitude. Like every two or three plays they would have to get out of the game to catch their breath. While it would be fine for the Bronco players because they are so used to it. But it would also affect the Broncos as well just a tad bit but not as much as it does for the opposing team who comes in to play the Broncos in Denver. And they should have something like teams who are used to playing in warm weather that they have a difficult time in playing in cold weather when you play in New England or Green Baby.

    2. Better Pass & Run Blocking: It pisses me off most of all when I play a game that some of the Offensive Linemen just watches the Defensive Linemen go right past them to sack your QB or tackle your ball carrier for a lost. And I'm tired of the FB just letting a Defensive guy just go buy him to tackle your RB.

    3. Better Passing: Like the same thing they had on ESPN NFL Football and NCAA Football 2004. Passing and playing the game was so much fun with that new enhancement.

    4. Better Punt & Field Goal Blocking: When I play I have no chance in block a punt or FG. Not one time did I ever block a punt or a kick while playing the computer.

    5. Add Little Details To The Game: Like the actual players on the side lines like they had on 2001 I think. I know they won't have that this year just from seen the screen shots.

    6. Better Defense: I'm tired of always watching the guys I'm not playing as just watching the ball carrier go past them for more yardage. I mean help me out my goodness. And I hate it that the Defensive guy just get off his block all of a sudden to tackle you. It always happens every time.

    7. More Throwback Uniforms

    8. Have it play more like NCAA Football 2004. Like have the same kind of movements that they have on there. Like the WR watching the ball in the air to where it drops into his hands and the DB watching the WR watching the Ball so when he turns to look at the ball he looks at the ball as well. The way they ran looked real as well. That kind of stuff they need to add.

    I'm sure there's a lot more of stuff that I can think of though. But if they added these kind of things I listed, I'll be a lot happier. All I really care about most is the game play. All the other stuff is not as big a deal to me as it is to others. But you guys can add whatever you want to see improve or added into the Madden game. That's if you prefer Madden.


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      Originally posted by Broncos28
      4. Better Punt & Field Goal Blocking: When I play I have no chance in block a punt or FG. Not one time did I ever block a punt or a kick while playing the computer.
      I also play Madden (PC version).
      To block punts, I call the punt block, and as soon as the huddle breaks, select your leftmost player, and run him down to your right side, and rush the punter from there. Even better, if you can, move both corners from left side to right. The punting team does not react to these moves, and you create an overload on the right side. With three guys rushing and only one blocker in the way, your chances of blocking the punt are dramatically increased. The only problem is that you'll have to deal with a lot of penalties (running into the kicker). You can turn down these penalties in your options to further improve the chances of blocking the punt.

      I can't block FGs, no tips for that. It happened to have one blocked, but I didn't do anything else but calling the FG Block play and letting things run for themselves.

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        The odd fumbled or bad snaps on PATs & FGs would be a nice addition, both on the player side and computer controlled side. $h!t happens when you're playing football, and it may be nice to see that happen. I'm currently into the 8th season of a franchise game, and I don't recall seeing that happen once in the eight years, not even pre season.
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          Online Franchise mode


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            I think the most important thing Madden needs to add is a way to get your receiver to drag his second foot inbounds when catching a pass. They take such wide strides and if you're running toward the sidelines and catch a pass close to it, they almost always step out.
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              2v2 Multiplayer

              Or 2v1, just allow the second player to be used!

              There probably is a way, I just prolly dont know how


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                There is. You need the multi port thing for controllers.

                -Better crowd noise- On 3rd and 5's in th 4th and such, get the crowd really into it and have the noise be crazy loud.

                -Better commentary. Listening to the same things over and over from them is getting old. Only once have I heard something different, and that was when Madden went on like, a full 2 minute rant about how much he likes the food in the parking lot when people are tailgating. That was damn funny, but doesnt happen often enough.

                -Better AI defense for your team. Like someone said, they just watch people go past them.

                -Mostly just the little things, like the guys on the sideline actually doing stuff instead of stretching for 60 minutes.


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                  I have three top wishes:

                  First, for both Madden and ESPN, I want a more realistic offseason/preseason including the ability to sign like 90 players in the offseason, and to carry them through the preseason before getting down to the regular season requirements.

                  Second, for Madden, I wish for the removal of the minimum number of players for each position, and for the ability to trade punters/kickers with the computer.

                  Finally, for Madded, I wish for a more realistic week before a game, with practice and planning sessions and such, and inclusion of a weekly highlight program as well.

                  I guess we'll see if these ever become reality.
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                    Considering the X-box has a hard drive... how about letting you draw up your own plays. I used to play football games on the Computer years ago, and you could draw up, and PRACTICE your own plays. Would be a fun thing to put into the equation. I would also like a better way to 'scout' the college players before draft.

                    How about the computer coming to US for a trade every once in a while?

                    I would like to see a 'time clock' on the punts. I can never tell if I'm getting a good punt or a bad punt. They all look the same.

                    How about some special team blocking? Man...

                    I liked the old way of being to call a players number (name) and have plays come up with them being the primary man. Sometimes I wanted to hit shannon on an important down, and couldn't find the freakin' play that I wanted...but pulling up plays where HE was the primary was really cool.


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                      They gotta revamp the AI in Madden, similar to the way they did it in NHL 2004 this year. That game overhauled all of the AI and made it much more challenging.

                      I would like to see them get rid of the money plays and make the gameplay more realistic and less predictable. Hopefully they will do it. Maddens 2003 and 2004 were very similar where gameplay is concerned, although 2004 was slightly more challenging.


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                        This is a great list.

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                          Blocking FG's and Punt's - MA articles


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                            this is one i have been wanting for years and they have kinda started to implement, is gang tackling. or being able to hit someone hard when your other player has him wrapped up. just bigger more realistic hits, not have everyone be able to hit the same. when you have a guy like roy williams, or ray lewis, those should be bigger hits, and not have dre bly hit ricky williams, the same as roy williams or ray lewis. its probably just to much info for the games to handle. but i hate it when i try to come in hit someone who has forward momentum when another player from your team is in the process of tackling a guy and you cant come up and stick him and push him back or stop the forward progress, that bugs me. i like the whole fall forward deal they put in last year, but in a goal line situation when your team hits a player 2 yrds in backfield and you see him falling forward you should be able to come up and help and not just run into them and bounce off.

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                              I hope they don't put ANYTHING more in btween plays... I HATE that lil stupid stat thing 'blue box' at the bottom of the screen when I get out of a huddle quickly and its in the way.... that needs to be REMOVED