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    This was in the Denver Post today, it tries to answer some questions about the running game.,...132804,00.html

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    Damn, that is a good article, thanks!!
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      Nice read. I've been telling everyone that Mike Anderson is going to start at RB, but nobody wants to believe me. The only person who has a chance of beating out Mike is Garrison and thats if he is truly healthy.


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        Nice article it really shows how our Running game is effective....

        Look at this guy!!! He is kicking some asses!!!

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          I want Q to start. I think he could definatly be something.


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            Since Mike Shanahan took over as coach in 1995, the Broncos' system has cranked out 20,150 rushing yards during the regular season. That's the most by any NFL team from 1995-2003.

            I thought that was an amazing stat.


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              I like Mike Anderson, but I don't really look for him to get the start. He was 27 in 2000 when he ran for 1,487 yards, and it's now four years later. He's 31 years old and he fumbles way too much, but he is intriguing since he slimmed down and he doesn't have alot of wear and tear on him. I'd like to see Tatum Bell carry on the tradition of BRONCOS rookie RBs rushing for 1,000 yards though. I know, how could you tell?


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                i know, i thought it was also interesting to hear that Anderson had slimmed down and wants to regain the job. i mean, i know he wants the job, but i had pretty much written him off. no matter who wins, it will kinda suck in some regard because we'll then have three or four good running backs sitting on the bench unutilized.
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