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What do the Broncos do during practice?

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    Originally posted by Chillez View Post
    I’m curious what Wilson does during practices does he even prepare and study as hard as he says he does the results this year say no. Wilson plays scared tentative like deer in the headlights he looks completely inept out there it’s mind boggling to see once great QB fall this far from grace.
    Wilson likes to present himself as an advocate for the power of positive thinking. Talking about a winning attitude, winning culture, winning habits, etc. It all sounds like platitudes when you're actually winning, and distraction/delusion when you're losing. I don't know how much of that he comes up with himself, and how much is fed to him. He considers stuff like that circling meditation thing he does as "preparation" -- I wonder if he also considers it as "practice."
    If you'll take no for an answer, someone's going to give it to you.