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What most of you guys already knew

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  • What most of you guys already knew

    Predominantly Orange › ...
    Evidence piling up against Denver Broncos GM George Paton

    Paton will probably like to leave his skit with the Broncos off his resume​

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    Meh...tons of threads around here debating Paton. He stays, imo


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      I hope not, he proved he cant be trusted. No CEO that screwed up that bad could survive. And this was supposed to be his specialty, running a NFL team. Yea , right to the bottom.
      I hope Walto and Penner aren't duh pushovers like he is.
      What's he gonna say when they ask him why he should not be fired? I'm sorry can I please have another chance with another half a billion dollars?
      His confidence must be so shattered how can we have any confidence that he will have the balls to make a good decision in the future?
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