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Thank you, Jerry Rosburg!

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  • Thank you, Jerry Rosburg!

    Wow, what a difference. Just got the chance to see it – Wilson can play. Better offensive line play, fewer penalties, tough running game. Hackett was what we thought he was. Thank you coach Rosburg for giving us something to cheer for these past two weeks.

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    A man with nothing but class! Seeing the Broncos play under his leadership was night and day! Much respect for Jerry Rosburg!


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      That Christmas day fiasco was a blessing to our offseason. Hackett took a soft squad and made them charmin soft probably without them even knowing.


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        It'd be nice to have him stick around in some capacity but I doubt that'll happen. New coach, new people.


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          It was a tough situation to be thrust into - he did very well under the circumstances and got more than I thought was possible out of the players at his disposal.


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            I definitely respect what he did in a short amount of time. Really liked how the team responded to him. I also think it was a testament to how bad things really were from a coaching standpoint. Wish him all the best. I'd love to see him retained in some way - especially as a ST coach. Not so sure that's in the cards, but I have a ton of respect for him.


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              I really wish that the Denver Broncos will retain Jerry is some sort of fashion. Jerry was the HC that Denver needed Week 1 just to bad it was only The Last Two Weeks However I will say the past 2 Weeks have been a breath of Fresh Air. Jerry Brought Back The Tough Denver Way !! Rocky Mountain Way !!


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                Sorry but i don't think it had anything to do with the coach. If they wouldv'e lost they would have gone down in broncos history for most losses and swept by the division. It was players trying to keep thier jobs. It's more obvious now the players had it in them all year and they didn't try. Not all on Hackett is what that game showed me.


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                  I know that I don’t know about a lot of X’s and O’s but I know when someone might be special. And perhaps Rosburg might not be special as a HC, but damn, I’ve never been more inspired by someone in my life just listening to him.

                  I’ve never heard a coach talk like our current HC, and that is Coach Rosburg. This man is truly special. This man is truly inspiring. This man truly understands what leadership, connection, and what a winning culture and team looks like.

                  Perhaps he’s not to be our next HC. But damn, the Denver Broncos should not let this man leave the building. Perhaps he can remain a STs coach.

                  But even more, perhaps he should be brought back in to teach a course on leadership, or teach a course on connection and communication or management, or teach our guys what it means to be winners. I think that’s what his strength might be.

                  Rosberg is probably the most inspiring person I’ve ever heard coming out of the NFL. Actually, he is probably one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

                  This guy is truly amazing and I’m praying the Broncos keep him in any way possible.

                  This man is a deep thinker. He is truly connected to something greater than himself. And if that is not the only qualities one would want in an NFL coach, then so be it.

                  I’m okay if you want to color me naive. But I just have never heard a coach speak like this but also translate it onto the football field; aka Chargers game.

                  It’s ok. Being inspiring and inspirational might not be the only qualities for a HC, but it just might be the characteristics that a team might need to win.

                  Anyway, it’s just my thoughts after listening to our current coach and after listening to all the chaos around us.

                  Take it for what you will. zz0.y3bukszmknnzz
                  Adopted Bronco: DeMarcus Ware