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    Come on guys. I come here for Bronco news, and i dont see anything about this guy here.
    Is he good news for the Broncs?
    “Wilson to the USFL” – XFL standout QB Ben DiNucci signing with Broncos has NFL fans questioning Russell Wilson’s future

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    He's a back up. Let's hope he doesn't have to play.
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      Maybe a 3rd string quarterback?????
      Most likely a practice squad guy.

      I think that's why there's not too much hype?


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        Guess no one herd he threw a pick six in practice last week. SP said maybe the Broncos owner can help him with future work opportunities at Walmart.

        The whole presser is more revealing about all players being evaluated right now but I know how much people like those short BAM lines.


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          Originally posted by broncolee
          He's a back up. Let's hope he doesn't have to play.
          Imo SF lost in playoffs because of a similar talented QB had to play major role in playoffs. People can hype all they want but you are 100% on

          A QB not good enough for our team even


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            Payton was making a joke about DiNucci getting a job at Walmart. Payton apparently was talking him up before practice to Penner. Then he threw a pick in front of him. No big deal.

            Basically he is a nice backup instead of relying on an UDFA. Stidham is not in danger of losing his QB 2 status. And hopefully DiNucci never suits up and is traded for a late rounder when the league has its annual QB injury and signing carousel.


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              Ben DiNucci (not to be confused with Dion DiMucci) will be official after passing a physical today. He will be the 4th QB unless Jarrett Guarantano is released to make room for him. Don't know if Denver will carry more than two QBs on the roster. They'll definitely need one on the PS to run scout team. If TC roster has four QBs, Guarantano and DiNucci will split third team reps. Doubt if that will happen.
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                Don't be negative nellies guys. i was hoping if SP saw something in him maybe he could play at least as well as RW last year