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Bronco Jersey roll call....

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  • Bronco Jersey roll call....

    Okay all you loyal fans out there, if you have Bronco's Jerseys,
    ( and what fan wouldn't ) How many do you own and who are they of?
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    I only have one, John Elway. Got it personally signed at an old Denver Huddle show. My prized possession. Framed and matted and on my office wall.


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      Two Elway, one T.D., A large Griese, and my 3 year old wear's a baby Griese.


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        Here we go...

        Elway (3): Old orange, new home & away.

        Davis (1): New away

        Atwater (4): Old orange (autographed), old white, new blue, green NY Jets (sorry, guys...he's my favorite player)

        Mobley (1): New blue

        Portis (1): new alternate orange

        McCaffrey (3): New alternate orange, new away, toddler new blue

        Sharpe (1): old away

        Romanowski (1): New home

        Rod Smith (1): new home

        Dennis Smith (1): old orange


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          Elway - Orange, New home, New Away
          Davis - New Home
          Sharpe - New Home


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            1 old orange Elway jersey.

            1 blue Elway jersey

            2 old Craig Morton jersies, 1 road and 1 home

            But here is where it gets interesting:

            Last year I played flag football with my friends in a league here on Long Island. We wore Orange Crush jersies and I had them made.

            So I used all of the best numbers and had them made, 30, 49. 53, 77, etc. Many of my friends gave them back to me at the end of the year. So all I have to do now is get the names put on the back and I'll have my personal Ring of Fame!!


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              3 Elways - Old Orange, White & Blue
              3 T.D.s - Alt. Orange, White & Blue
              3 Sharpe Old Orange, White & Blue
              2 Griese - White & Blue
              2 Trevor Pryce - Both Blue
              2 Rod Smith - White & Blue
              2 Eddie Mac - White & Blue
              1 Mike Anderson - Blue
              1 John Mobley - Blue
              1 Romanowski - White
              1 Neal Smith - Blue

              At least I can wear a different one fo each game we play.
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                Talk about your dirty laundry! :p


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                  what? Nobody else is admitting a personalized jersey?

                  I got a #42 made a few years ago (see the Douglas Adams books for why)
                  When I was wearing it to our last game in the Kingdome we had seats pretty close to the end zone. During pregame warmups one of the players noticed me and pointed out my jersey to Detron Smith who waved and (obviously inspired) was a terror on special teams that game with a bunch of big hits and a forced fumble. He got picked as a Pro Bowl special teamer that year and I like to think I helped!


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                    Elway -

                    Authentic Orange Crush Home Autographed Jersey(I had it framed)
                    Orange Nike Jersey(Old logo)
                    White Nike Jersey(Old logo)
                    Home Jersey(New logo)
                    Away Jersey(New logo)


                    Orange Nike Jersey(Old logo)


                    Orange Nike Jersey(Old logo)


                    Orange Nike Jersey(Old logo)


                    Orange Home Jersey(Alternative New logo)


                    Home Jersey(New logo)
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                      4 Elway - 2 Orange replica, 1 new, 1 baby jersey

                      1 TD new

                      1 Greise new

                      1 Sharpe new

                      1 McCaffrey new
                      My 2 favorite teams are the BRONCOS, and whoever is playing the tRaiders.


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                        Sup Bronco fans!! New member here. Well let's see. I have:

                        1 Orange Vance Johnson jersey.

                        1. White Elway jersey.


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                          I've got 6

                          Elway-new white
                          Romanowski-old orange
                          T. Davis-old orange, new blue, new white
                          Easy Ed-new blue
                          ORANGE CRUSH!!!


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                            WOW! Let's check out the closet here.......half my closet is broncos jerseys: (1) John Elway, (3) Terrel Davis Jersies - Home, Away & Alternate Colors, (1) Bill Romanowski (Oakland Punk!), (1) Eddie Mac & my personal favorite.....(1) Shannon Sharpe! Go Orange & Blue!!!!


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                              I used to have one but I'm over 13 years old now, so ....