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Bronco Jersey roll call....

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    I now have a new Jersey, besides the ones I listed.

    Clinton Portis is now my new hero.

    I just went out and bought #26 and will wear it with pride and remember what Clinton Portis did for my son.

    I don't know if many of you know, but today at training camp Clinton ran for a touchdown and then threw the ball into the stands for a young kid. The kid's name is "Gary". Gary now has a "favorite player" and new "hero".

    Let's hope Clinton stays this way!!!
    Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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      What? no Plummer jersey's yet...........C'mon guys!!


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        I say again..........Clinton Portis is a class act........


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          Originally posted by shock
          What? no Plummer jersey's yet...........C'mon guys!!
          I want one...I just wish I didn't have to get it from reebok.

          Actually, I recently found in my closet blue Mobley and white TD jerseys that are true athentics (not just tackle twill numbers, but cut to be worn over pads and stuff)


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            I had to choose between Portis and Plummer it was a hard choice but I chose Portis.

            My son I think will be getting a Plummer.
            Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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              What the heck...

              When I was 6 or 7 I had a kid's (obviously) Rick Upchurch #80 jersey. It was the coolest - I wore it out real fast, but my mom bought me a similar Gerald Willhite #47 a few years later. I don't think she realized what she was starting....

              Currently, I only have Atwater & Davis, but this thread makes me want a few more....

              Thanks guys....
              Winter is Coming!


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                Authentic #7 New Home Jersey (Always worn in Vegas!)
                2 other Elway jerseys one of which is all black with orange stripes, kinda unusual.
                4 Davis jerseys from white to dark blue, I was wear'n em when he was a nobody!!!
                1 un named / numbered new white jersey (worn most cause it's Damn HOT down here in the AZ Desert :-p )
                1 New Home Romo jersey, shot with 15 rounds of 12-gauge birdshot! Once he went TRADER I had to do it. It was worn to last seasons Monday night game vs. the BlackHoleHeads, but its bad mojo sorta backfired!?!? Funny thing is most raid'a fans came up to me asking if it was a "game worn jersey"???? Wata bunch a lameos, I mean it's like shreaded and has chunks of lead hanging from it, I gotta add some fake blood for this seasons meetings.

                & I'm gonna get a Plummer jersey B4 the first regular season game. I use ta tell all dem stupid cardinals fans "Jake will be GREAT, for some other team someday". & I'm psyched that he's now got his big shot with my favorite team!!!


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                  Must you ask......LOL

                  I have Clinton Portis's (#26) white jersey! I Bought it from the Aurora mall. I had it altered into a chic tank top.....Damn it sure looks kool wish yall could see it! I can't wait to wear it when the season begins. Does anyone know if his jersey comes in the other colors? I can only find the white!.
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                    Portis's jersey is available from the Broncos online shop in all three colors. I put a link in another thread, but you can also navigate there from the main page (see the shiny orange button at the top right of this page)


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                      I have:

                      John Elway home
                      Ed McCaffery away
                      Clinton Portis home
                      Terrell Davis home

                      My daughter has (unfortunatly) Greise home and just a generic jersey that has the helmet and broncos on it! I have to buy her another one!


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                        Went to the store and to start my hopes for the new season, went and Picked up my Portis Jersey (white)

                        They were still waiting on the supply of Plummers.
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                          I only have 2...

                          Terrell Davis- new home
                          Brian Griese- new home

                          The TD jersey is worn out and I can't wear the Griese one anymore. I feel strange wearing a jersey of someone who now plays for a different team.


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                            Bumping the thread: Been awhile.

                            Picked up my White Plummer Jersey a few months ago and I have an Elam one arriving this week... heh heh heh!!
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                              Re: Bronco Jersey roll call....

                              Originally posted by Elway
                              Okay all you loyal fans out there, if you have Bronco's Jerseys,
                              ( and what fan wouldn't ) How many do you own and who are they of?

                              I HAD the Orange Shannon Sharpe Jersey back in the day. Too many washes in the machine got it retired, lol. I wore that thing until the numbers were gone!

                              I HAVE Clinton Portis' Jersey. My daughter has Jake's Jersey.


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                                I have.....
                                1 ELWAY (NEW)
                                1 GRIESE (NEW)
                                1 EASY ED MAC (NEW)
                                1 ROMO (NEW)