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  • Broncos724
    John Elway blue
    Brian Griese blue
    Clinton Portis blue
    Champ Bailey blue
    Jay Cutler white (hoping to convert to Brock someday!)
    Javon Walker orange
    Eddie Royal orange
    Tim Tebow blue (was originally Brandon Marshall)
    Von Miller orange

    I want to get a John Elway throwback in white and Peyton Manning in blue.

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  • KWHIT97
    2 Elways (White 97, and Orange 93)
    2 T.D.'s (Blue and white)
    1 Atwater (Orange Throwback)
    1 Mecklenburg (Orange)
    1 Dennis Smith (White)
    1 Shannon Sharpe (Blue)
    1 Kenoy Kennedy (Blue)
    2 Al Wilsons (Blue and Orange)
    1 Clinton Portis (Orange)
    1 Jake Plummer (Blue)
    1 Rod Smith (Orange throwback)
    1 Ian Gold (Blue)
    1 Brian Griese (Blue)
    1 Jason Elam (White)
    1 Jay Cutler (Blue)
    1 Brandon Marshall (Yellow throwback)
    2 Champ Baileys (1 yellow throwback and 1 Blue)
    1 Tim Tebow (Orange)
    1 Knowshon Moreno (Orange)
    1 personalized #99 (Orange)

    Jerseys I want, a Randy Gradishar throwback, a Von Miller, and a Peyton Manning.

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  • KillerKwab27
    Orange newstyle Wolfe
    Orange oldstyle D. Smith
    Blue Atwater - White Atwater
    Blue DJ Williams

    Authentics are Wolfe, Smith, Blue Atwater

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  • phaytal
    Double post.

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  • phaytal
    Signed Blue Terrell Davis
    White Elway
    Orange Von Miller

    All Reebok.

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  • dsmith275
    I have 4 rebook jersies

    Blue Brandon Marshall
    Blue Elvis Dumervil
    Orange Champ Bailey
    White John Elway

    I have 1 Nike Elite Jersey

    Orange Peyton Manning

    I kind of forgot my other jersies excist lol! All I have worn is my Peyton Manning Jersey all year long!

    Would love to get a Von Miller and a classic like TD or Sharpe!

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  • Blanket24
    Philadelphia Bronco nut here! My first jersey was a replica Terrell Davis Blue back in 97/98. I have a Jake Plummer Replica blue from 04/05, I have a Reebok 1990 retro throwback orange crush Elway Jersy and I just recieved a Nike Mid Level Champ Bailey orange alternate for Xmas! Been wanting a fresh 24 for some years now, very hyped bout it!

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  • BigJuan
    Ok here we go
    4 Elway 2 blue 1 white and 1 94 throwback
    Romo white
    2 Portis 1 blue 1 white
    Plummer white
    Griese blue
    Smith white
    Eddie Mac blue
    2 td 1 white 1 blue with Super Bowl patch
    Lelie orange
    Atwater throwback
    2 Marshall 1 orange 1 blue
    Royal blue
    2 cutler white 1 blue
    2 bailey both orange 1 Nike but its been my old reebok that has been go to since the win streak started
    Manning orange
    2 Thomas 1 orange 1 blue
    2 miller 1orange 1 blue
    Doom orange
    Decker orange
    Dawkins orange
    I think that's it but to my defense I sell jerseys

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  • 86Elwayfan
    Well this thread was drug from the grave eh??

    2 Elway 1 Home 1 Away
    2 TD's 1 Home 1 Throwback
    1 Manning Orange Home
    1 Von Miller Blue Home
    1 Cutler Blue Home (Now with black tape on it)
    1 Atwater Blue Home

    I had a Portis one but gave it to a friend. Will be getting a Champ Jersey this year I think.

    So 8 for now

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  • BigJohnson
    I have 4-

    Champ - Away
    Elway - Home
    Von - Away
    BDawk- Home

    Gonna get a DT home orange here shortly

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  • The Irish
    Eddie Mac & *sigh* Jay Cutler. Both in orange.

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  • VADER72
    Orange Home elite Manning
    first year run of 97 elite style blue Nike Elway
    White Plummer from Mile High. Went on clearance and cost $100
    Orange Atwater
    Cheap Dorsett
    orange Rebok Bailey and Dawkins

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  • Yakka27
    Terrell Davis
    Clinton Portis
    2 Champ Baileys
    Shannon Sharpe
    Jay Cutler
    2 John Elways
    Tim Tebow
    Von Miller
    Elvis Dumervil

    Most of those are just the cheap replica jerseys my nice ones are the

    Champ Bailey, John Elway, Von Miller, and Doom jerseys.

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  • Elway is Back80
    Champ Bailey
    Von Miller

    all orange

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  • martz11
    3 Elways - 2 old orange 1 new blue
    2 TD's 1 old orange 1 new white
    2 Cutlers blue/white
    A personalized one

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