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    It comes down to Jake Plummer or Pennington, both guys are weak at throwing the deep balls.
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      Originally posted by The Executioner
      It comes down to Jake Plummer or Pennington, both guys are weak at throwing the deep balls.

      Plummer's arm strength is actually pretty good, he's just got really bad technique on his long ball.

      Pennington for sure has the weakest arm as far as I could tell from watching a few Jets games. Brad Johnson might be a close second, though.

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        Remember Plummer always is running while he throw he deep ball.


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          Originally posted by Pipes7
          The ones that come to mind are Brad Johnson, Chad Pennington, Drew Brees, and Brian Griese
          didnt drew brees throw a 55-60 yard pass off of a flea flicker in one of the saints games


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            Originally posted by CB123
            I didn't get to see him play much this year, but Rex Grossman seemed like he has a weak arm as well. Watching those floaters go down the field in the SB were horrible... maybe he had awesome games with rocket passes, but I didn't see them.
            Maybe the balls are too greasy for these QBs,Jake Plummer,Rex Grossman,Vinny and so on..........


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              if brian griese had started a game i would say he was but i will have to go with phillip rivers. he cant pass worth ****! i saw him play against denver and he doesnt have arm strength.
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                Originally posted by Alps
                Without question right now it is Trent Green.
                I would tend to agree.

                I'm sure you all don't think much of Brodie Croyle but if he can stay healthy he has one upside over Trent Green. Even despite his size he had one of the strongest arms coming out of the draft last year. I'm sick of watching Green throw the ball at his receivers feet.

                Also, the reason Huard did so much better than Green this year is that Huard has the arm strength and accuracy to stretch the field. Green does not. The one deep pass I saw Green complete all year was a flea flicker against Jacksonville. That's it. Huard on several occasions was able to find even a small guy like Dante Hall in the back of the endzone from 30 or 40 yards out.
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                  matt leinart, he throws like a pansy.


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                    Jeff Garcia has to mentioned, Hes great at the west coast system of throwing shorter passes, but going deep? hes horrible