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Bill Williamson: Garcia, Foster gone, Smith restructuring. . .

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    Originally posted by TXBRONC
    Maybe under different circumstances, but with the death of Nash I don't think Denver can trade Bell.

    why t wasnt like nash was crucial to our game...i liked nash and i thought he should have started...but he losing a player that didnt really play isnt hurting if we do trade tater i dont see where we cant because of nash's unforunate death?....

    we still have cobbs to back up mike plus another rookie i would be somewhere in the draft
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      Garcia would be a great pickup IMO.


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        Originally posted by str8jacket
        I dunno man......

        Trading Jake (No doubt is going to be gone, so why not get value?)

        Foster (how much did he do again last year?)

        And then Tatum, most likely the most effective player in this trade moving (NOT as a feature back, but as a change of pace back)

        Along with the 21st pick

        for possibly an anchor on our D-Line, or maybe even a feature running back (please oh please)?

        I'd say that is one hell of a trade for us!
        If we get more than just the 8th overall pick, then yea it'd be cool.

        But all that just to move up to 8?

        Gimme another 3rd or 4th rounder and we'll call it a day.


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          That is 3 starters that would be in instant upgrade for houston. Maybe if we threw in our second, and they threw in there second, that would be one hell of a deal. We are gonna need more depth at tackle though, and running back, and secondary, and a back up quarterback. And the biggest weakness dline. So we do have some holes to fill. But at the 8th pick in the 1st and 2nd rounds, and 2 picks in the third, we can be in good shape to fill some of those with people who can impact now.


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            I think it would be a good deal for both parties. The texans can get 3 potential starters for their offense and can spend their other draft picks on depth, so it could be a bargain for them too. The thing is, we are already a more rounded team than the Texans so if we get to #8 that could send us straight to the moon!


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              I think Foster is worth an early to middle 3rd rounder to some team, my guess is AZ would be a good fit for him and with Leonard leaving, they have a real need. I would prefer to swap picks and move up closer to the first round by sending our 2nd round and Foster to AZ for #38 pick. This would be basically be late 2nd value for Foster, but would allow AZ to stay in the 2nd round.

              I think the real value spot for us would be 12-16 in the first round where we could land Nelson, Lynch, Landry, or one of a few DEs.

              Last thought is that at #38, we would be in a great position to package the pick with 2008 1st rounder to get to around #14, and the Panthers would be a good team to do this with as ILB being a major need would be there at 38. Carolina also is going to need to start looking at a young QB and may be looking to stock pile picks for 2008 to get one.

              Summary= Foster, 2008 1st, and Pick #56 = #14 OA

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                I thought Foster was gone dam he's still here.Im still pissed about him getting Cutler creamed.I'll be glad when they cut ties with this guy.