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    Originally posted by Mr. Chaz
    Easy people, easy, it's not like this is some crazy, out of whack idea. College teams use it all the time. The first backup safety (does that make sense?) of course if good enough in coverage, is sometimes used as a nickel or dime back. I mean if they're good enough get them on the field. Will Allen, Ohio State's SS last year, drafted by the Buccs, he played his first couple of seasons if i'm not mistaken in the nickel and dime packages while also playing safety. Give this guy a break, it's a good idea. The only "problem" is that you have to have a safety who's also good enough to cover in man (I don't believe Kennedy could do this, Ferguson could) and there's also the fact that not only are we going to have one odd man out at safety who will be playing special teams and seeing some spell playing time (either Kennedy or Ferguson) but if we inserted Ferguson as the dime back (Nickel I think safeties in general get burned to often, don't have the speed to match no. 3 wide receivers, and are usually in zone or playing vs. lesser competition in the Dime) either Kelly Herndon or Jeremy Lesueur will be left to watch and play on special teams. NONE OF THIS IS BAD. Just means if one guy goes down, which will always happen, we have another promising DB to take his place. I think Shanny completed his goal of solidifying our secondary. Cudos.
    Colleges do this occasionally not all of the time. They have a tendancy to do this when it is a matchup problem or when the safety is the better cover man (which happens in college). This is not the case in the NFL and is certainly not the case on our team. I would rather have Jimmy Spencer on the field instead of our backup safeties. You need cover men in the NFL on passing situations.

    The QBs are just more accurate and the third and fourth receivers are too good. This is an occasional college strategy that just doesn't map well to the NFL game.

    It is not a good idea...... I do agree with you that we have solidified the secondary. I just dont agree that using safeties as nickel and dime backs are good ideas.. Not in the NFL and especially not with our safeties....