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who was a harder hitter lott or atwater

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  • who was a harder hitter lott or atwater

    i just wanted to throw this question out there because i cant decide on it myself

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    My biased opinion tells me Atwater was the bigger hitter. He was my favorite Bronco player from the '90s, too.

    His wipeout collision at the end of the DEN/GB Superbowl is still one of my favorite plays of all-time. It was big!


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      Atwater. That hit he put on Christian Okoye, really put him on the map with the rest of the NFL, we already knew about him.
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        Never been hit by either of them. Couldn't tell you.
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          I'll take someone else's word for it. I don't wanna get hit by either of 'em.


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            I had a buddy who was playing for the Bungels back in the 80's and he was hit by Dennis Smith who put him out of football... so I would say Dennis Smith...

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              I'd take a hit from Atwater anyday

              Of course my UNbiased opinion is for Atwater, but they both could lay the funk pretty damn good..........

              What I wouldnt give to have him and DS49 in our secondary right now, could you imagine?????????????


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                Friends dont let friends vote for Democrats.


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                  Lott...but the hits Lott did would leave him broke today by today's saftey of the player

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                    They both were big hitters, I would hate to live on the difference. However, when you think of Atwater you think of the hit in the Superbowl and the one on Okoye, Lott I can't think of hits that bare his signature.
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                      When I played football..I wore #27 and hit like both inspired me =)

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                        I think Atwater hit harder...but I don't know if he hit MORE payers harder...Lott was always knocking out the player he hit and himself in many instances...Atwater was just usually knocking out other guys.....
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                          How about Dennis Smith?

                          Surely, there are some Broncos fans who remember Dennis Smith(#49). If I remember correctly, atwater and smith even played together a couple years. I know he didn't have the numbers atwater and lott had, but in my opinion, he was the hardest hitter.

                          ...Thanks for reminding me about he atwater/Okoye hit! I had forgotten


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                            you can also throw tom jackson in there he was a maddog back in his days


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                              Atwater hit like a freight-train! The hit on Okoye was legendary. I even remember Atwater's nickname back then..."The Smilin' Assassin". I'd pay BIG $$$ to see Atwater hit T. Owens just ONCE. "The Answer" would become "The Question" (Where the **** am I? Has the game started yet?) in a big hurry.

                              Dennis Smith & he did indeed play together (for several years, in fact, as I recall). The 2 of them were called the biggest hitting pair of safeties in the league, many times, by the Bronco-hating commentators back then.

                              And just for good measure, lets not forget Karl Mecklenburg (sp?) while we're remembering Tom Jackson.
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