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who was a harder hitter lott or atwater

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    Originally posted by tahuya man
    Atwater was not in the same class as Ronnie Lott. Ronnie Lott is an all time great. Atwater was good, but not an all timer. Atwater vs Lott? Please.
    Atwater wasnt in the same class?
    You got to be crazy!

    In no order these guys all owned at hard hits

    Eugene Robinson
    Dennis Smith
    Steve Atwater
    Ronnie Lott
    and i would also throw in Chuck Cecil for hard hitting safetys.


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      Re: ...

      Originally posted by Trench777
      Atwater hit like a freight-train! The hit on Okoye was legendary. I even remember Atwater's nickname back then..."The Smilin' Assassin". I'd pay BIG $$$ to see Atwater hit T. Owens just ONCE. "The Answer" would become "The Question" (Where the **** am I? Has the game started yet?) in a big hurry.

      Dennis Smith & he did indeed play together (for several years, in fact, as I recall). The 2 of them were called the biggest hitting pair of safeties in the league, many times, by the Bronco-hating commentators back then.

      And just for good measure, lets not forget Karl Mecklenburg (sp?) while we're remembering Tom Jackson.
      Heh I'd rather see him hit Randy Moss. But yeah Atwater is the harder hitter and the best ever in that position as far as I"m concerned. If it was up to me I would induct him into Hall of Fame. I kno it won't happen but still...also I have never been so pissed off than I was when Broncos let him go to the Jets.


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        To each is his own, however, I think that both were great, Atwater in my opinion was better.
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        Thanks Snk16


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          dennis smith.

          he and atwater are certainly the hardest hitting DUO ever.
          atwater had the size advantage and thus had a few more BIG hits, but overall smith (and lott) got in more licks on a regular basis.



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            Re: ...

            Originally posted by Trench777

            And just for good measure, lets not forget Karl Mecklenburg (sp?) while we're remembering Tom Jackson.

            AHhhhhh....the cerebral member of the Orange Crush D. Smart and worked hard. TJ was more physically talented, as were a lot of guys, but Meck was big, and was so intelligent.

            On safties....deciding between these two is like deciding between whether it hurts more to run into a concrete wall or a brick the difference really that noticeable?

            Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

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              Atwater was a great hitter. Reminds me of Mike Curtis ,Linebacker, for the Baltimore Colts long ago !!


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                Gotta go with Atwater. I'm very biased because not only was he a Bronco, he was also an Arkansas Razorback.