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    Originally posted by MileHighMagic07
    say what you want bottom line is warner is better than plummer and if you can't agree to that you need to check yourself patnah
    hmmmmm.....ok...whatever you say, patnah....but how many games did Warner win last year? Oops, I meant play in? And how many times did he fumble?
    Sorry, 07, but he is no longer the he's another ex-starting qb, riding the pine. Sad fact, as I liked him and his story.
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      You guys have to remember this guys from Vancouver, he's probably stoned out of his mind right now. Thus his usage of the word "patnah" on the internet. I GOTS to get me somma dat ****! No seriously dude we should talk...


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        No way in hell is Warner better then Plummer. Warner probably will have trouble ever getting or holding a starting job again.

        Plummer is a better QB then a lot of people are giving him credit for. He only threw 7 int's last year. 3 of them came from the first game that we still won. Last year we won with out CP, but when JP was out we were hurting.

        However he does still need to improve from last year now that he has been in the system for a year, or we wont make the SB again.