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    several bronco guys dont get enough credit but this has been true for many years and will not change, ever! i went with tommy nalen a terrific player and leader think he gets overlooked cos of our linemens media silence and the media bull about our line cheating. they play hard, live with it.


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      I would say all of the Broncos are underrated. And a lot(many many) of them are good.


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        I would say Ruben Droughns and Patrick hape.

        Hape was involved in some of Clinton Portis's 50+ runs when they lined him up in the backfield.

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          Jake NEEDS to make the pro bowl and have some big numbers for people to recognise him.
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            Originally posted by blazeg189
            everybody thinks plummer sucks when last year all he did was prove them wrong and people still say he sucks even though he had a 92 qb rating. so id say plummer.
            Last year had to have been one of Plummers best seasons since the last Cardinal playoff appearance. his Int's to Td's was reduced greatly, so in my opinion Plummer was most improved and most underated Bronco


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              Originally posted by arapaho
              i d go with rod smith, people on the boards talking about how hes not a top five or ten wr, in the previous years we had a good eddy mac and rod was able to succeed two years ago edd had his leg broke and we didnt have another threat so rod gets max coverage last year neither edd or lelei produced or were a big thret so rod again gets max coverage ,, this year if lelei shows up rod should be back
              Put my vote in for Smith. He consistently has played at a pro-bowl level for 4 years now and how many pro-bowls does he have??? 2 - Now if that is not under-rated what is? Many times he was better than Tim Brown and yet Tim Brown went to the Pro-bowl and Rod did not. Just for comparison Tim Brown has 8 pro-bowls to his credit.
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