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The coach or the players?

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    Originally posted by Ravage!!!
    But I don't think a coach can turn a Sow's ear into a silk purse. I think they need talent on their team.
    First off...LMAO!!!


    The NFL is based on teams. It takes a team to win a game. You have stars, you have average players and you have below average players. But it is still a team effort that gets the win.

    Now with that said, I have to say it is the coaching staff that makes the biggest difference on a team.

    You can have said players above but without the proper guidence and coaching they would not be able to play together effectively.

    Each coach has their own style and how they believe they need the team to play to win. It is up to the coaches to place the proper players in the positions and "coach" them to play to their potential.

    You can have the best player in the NFL but without coaching him to play in the system he is just a showboat and ineffective.

    So, the coaches make the biggest difference but it takes the players heart and willingness to get the job done and to create a TEAM.

    "Gateway leading to the AFC West"