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  • Top TEN QBs

    I know this is even more debatable than the top FIVE... But I've heard several put Jake Plummer in the top Five in their lists. I personally LOVE Jake here in Denver, but can't put him in my top five. So I made a top 10. Complain, B!tch, criticize, moan, gripe, snarl, put down My picks... thats cool. But please put your reasoning behind any changes, additions, subtractions that you may have.

    1) Manning
    2) Brady
    3) McNair
    4) McNabb
    5) Favre
    6) Vick
    7) Pennington
    8) Culpepper

    (these Last three are pretty damn close and could interchange them in ANY order.. I think they are about tied... so I know that three more adds to Eleven, but thats why)

    9) Plummer
    10) Green
    11) Hasselbeck

    Bledsoe is next on the list. I dropped him this far because he seems to have really lost something the last couple of years. He still has a great arm, but he just doesn't seem to have the pocket presense anymore, and he can't move. The last three guys just seem to be more of a threat overall.

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    i know this could piss guys off but i dont believe farve is in the top ten!! top ten all time, absolutly! top ten playing today, no way.. and culpepper why is he on the list? the rest i cant any thing to disagree with, maybe a placement or two but very good list
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      hey dip**** razor

      I see you have Plummer rated above KC's Trent Green...
      I already stated that they were even. I'll stand by that statement. I don't see much difference in Plummer and Green. Read before you keep making an @ss out of yourself.

      I also know that Bronco fans would like to think their receivers are better than what the Chiefs have, after all, Kennison is a Broncos cast-off....Portis thought himself better than what was it that made the KC 'O' so much better than the Broncos last year?

      Rod Smith is better than any reciever they have on the field, period. Kennison had the chance to be the STARTING WR for us because of injuries to ours. He decided to RETIRE instead of step it up when the team needed him. Good ridence. He was also on five other teams. Vermeils offense is the only one he has succeeded in. He's just too dumb to catch onto anything else. WHat does "PORTIS's thoughts of himself have to do with anything? Dumbass

      It is almost sacriledge to suggest to a Bronco fan, because they always assume their 'O' line is among the best...but it is at this position you have the biggest descrepacy between the Broncos and the Chiefs...
      We do have one of the best offensive lines...its not 'assumed' at all. The Chiefs also have one of the best Offensive lines. They always have, no denying it. Whats that got to do with the QB question again? Riiiiiiight nothing.

      alot of Bronco fans continue to dismiss the loss of Alex Gibbs as minor...BIG mistake...I was at training camp last year, and Alex Gibbs was doing the work, same as he ever had, part-time role or not...facts are facts, Gibbs will be missed

      THis is just an idiotic statement. THats all we have been talkinga bout is wondering how much he will be missed. But since YOU were at the camp last year, well.. I'm SURE that you know what you are talking about *LAUGHS*...moron. We'll SEE how much difference it makes. But then, don't you have to wonder what the difference is, the line of the loss of Portis, right? Shuddup

      Gunther's record from the past doesn't mean anything. Go away. Didn't you promise us you were leaving? Or can you not keep a promise, even one that reminds us what a liar you are. Here's an idea. TRY posting soemthing that stays with the topic instead of just trying to instigate things. *laughs at you*. how sad your life must be if THIS is the only attention you get. You poor pathetic excuse for a boy


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        I agree with your list, But I think that favre is old now he was one of the best he isn't...

        Look at this guy!!! He is kicking some asses!!!

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          razor....notice that he did put plummer ahead of green. but if yours idiotic a$$ would note the very next sentence where he says THOSE LAST THREE QBS ARE INTERCHANGABLE!!! look's there. yes, the chiefs had a good year last year. one good year in the last how many? congrats on that but i would wait until they have a couple in a row before you start talking crap to broncos fans. (by the way if you need a reference to what a couple good years are....see bronocos records in '97 and '98) that should giveyou a good idea.


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            He's a Ravens fan


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              oh my bad...well sounded like a chiefs fan in his post.


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                Originally posted by Ravage!!!
                He's a Ravens fan
                So does this mean he's also a criminal?
                Go Broncos, Capitals, and Orioles

                Thanks SNK16


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                  COme on ap..

                  are you telling Me.. that if the game was on the line... 2 minutes on the clock... there are 10 other QBs you would rather give the ball to other than Favre in the league right now?


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                    wow.. this thread sucked


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                      Ravage w/ all due respect I would put Plummer, Hasslebeck and or Culpepper on that list before Vick. Dont forget Aaron Brookes who quietly gets over 3,000 yards a year and 20+ TDs. His biggest problem is fumbles, just like Culpepper had in 02. Vick is a damn good player, but his skills as a "quarterback" haven't developed yet. As for leadership and value he's just as big (maybe even more) than the men you have on your list, but as a QB he still has lots to progress on.

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                        Yes, but compare the Falcons records when Vick is there and when he isnt. That alone says volumes about the guy as a QB. Whether people just rally around him or hes just that nasty, he can elevate the rest of the team to the level they need to be at. Either way. Favre is definatly still one of the best. Mcnair, Favre, Manning, Brady, I cant think of any other QB I'd rahter have leadin a last minute drive. except elway. But that goes without saying.


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                          Re: Top TEN QBs

                          Johnny U
                          Fran Tark
                          Dan Fouts
                          Broadway Joe
                          Joe Mont
                          Bart Star
                          Dan Marino
                          B Farve
                          Jim Zorn (for effort)

                          Future.....Chad Penn
                          P Manning
                          ~RSth Lncus [email protected] mO Po*

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                            Re: arapaho

                            Originally posted by Ravage!!!
                            COme on ap..

                            are you telling Me.. that if the game was on the line... 2 minutes on the clock... there are 10 other QBs you would rather give the ball to other than Favre in the league right now?
                            seems like we saw farve with the game on the line just panick and throw the ball up for a INT, just last year, didnt that end the GB season, sure some games he plays great, but others he sucks and costs GB some games, to many dumb InT,S AND ITS ABOUT TIME THE BROADCASTERS stop making excuses for him when he scews up. with the game on the line the homerin me says plummer, but in any other case id go with brady, or penniton
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                              Ok... I could name a COUPLE I would rather have.. but give me TEN you would rather have in that situation.