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(Big Daddy) Wilkinson trade could be in jeopardy??? (Merged)

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  • (Big Daddy) Wilkinson trade could be in jeopardy??? (Merged)

    I hope deal is voided, hard enough to play in the NFL (at least that is what it seems) but if your heart is not into it you won't make out of camp.

    POSTED 8:37 p.m. EDT; UPDATED 8:58 p.m. EDT; March 14, 1007


    A league source tells us that defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson, who was recently traded from the Fins to the Broncos, is not answering his phone and can't be reached by either team.

    Per the source, if Wilkinson doesn't take a physical by Friday, March 16, the deal will be voided.

    The thinking in some league circles is that, although Wilkinson says he plans to retire, he wants to be able to play in 2007 without having to participate in an offseason program. Some believe that, if the Broncos or the Dolphins were to tell Wilkinson that he doesn't have to show up for offseason workouts, Wilkinson would relent.

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    Part of me wants this deal to fall through. Spend that money on someone younger and hopefully more productive.


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      Pleaaase stay in hiding Big Daddy. I'll love you forever if you do.

      RIP D-Will and Nash


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        Don't answer the phone.

        I would rather have some youth on the D-Line


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          Originally posted by Bronco_Armada
          Don't answer the phone.

          I would rather have some youth on the D-Line
          the problem is there is no one that can play like he does.

          even if he plays for one or two years it gives them time to draft and groom to replace him. opposed to thrusting a rookie into the fire full time..


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            Give up on him and pick up Wistrom, I know they play two different positions but Grant plays hit heart out on every down!


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              I want your 6th!! lol


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                I hope something is alright

                With all the crazyness this offseason who knows.

                But I would like the deal to be voided myself


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                  whatever happened to ian scott? would he be available?


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                    Hmmm..... I'd prefer he retire. Isn't his cap figure in the $2 mil. range??
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                      I never liked the deal and it is time to get our 6th back and our cap space as well. Ian Scott and a draft pick between rounds 1-3 would be better. At least I think so.

                      I NEED CP FOR MY BUNGHOLE


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                        i dont like him or his age....

                        give him a walking stick and send him on his way and focus on getting a sweeeeeeet DT in the draft with our first pick...

                        we dont need a 72 year old man making mike feel like we dont need a great DT...

                        this years draft is far too full of d linemen not to take advantage of it and use that cap space to sign a stud for a long term deal...




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                          i hope this is true. id rather get the 6th rounder back.


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                            Well, I hope he decides to play. He fits the system and it's always a good idea to have veteran players around when you're changing to a new system. I'm sure that Shanahan will still draft a DT in April, but you don't want to have to rely on a rookie if you can avoid it. If the speculation about the Broncos going after Boone or Scott as a back up plan to the possibility of Wilkinson retiring is true, then we probably won't get either one. Both are talking to other teams and aren't going to wait for Big Daddy to make his decision before they make theirs. We should get one or both of them whether Big Daddy retires or not. Since much of the offseason is voluntary, Shanahan should tell him that he only needs to show up for the mandatory mini-camps and training camp, with no pressure to participate in the voluntary workouts. If he has a problem with showing up for the mandatory mini-camps, then he should retire. He can't go to a new team and then decide that he just doesn't need to participate in the mandatory portion of the offseason. It's only 11 days that are allowed to be mandatory and I don't think they're even consecutive days.

                            In the end, he's going to have to decide if he still has the desire to play the game. If he does, then I would be glad to have him on my favorite team.
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                              another article:

                              If Wilkinson a no-show, trade voided Friday
                              By Bill Williamson
                              Denver Post Staff Writer
                              Denver Post
                              Article Last Updated:03/14/2007 11:42:06 PM MDT

                              The Broncos' short relationship with Dan Wilkinson could end this week.

                              As part of the trade agreement with the Miami Dolphins, the deal voids Friday if Wilkinson doesn't report to the Broncos and pass a physical, said an NFL source with direct knowledge of the situation. The Broncos agreed to send Miami a sixth-round pick in next month's draft for the 340-pound run stuffer March 3.

                              Both sides can agree to extend the deadline for Wilkinson to report past Friday. Denver may agree to extend the deal because it feels Wilkinson fits in well in the team's new defensive system. However, with the April 28-29 draft looming, both teams will need to know the status of the draft pick soon.

                              When reached last week, Wilkinson said he had "issues" to address before deciding to play for the Broncos. When asked if he was considering retirement, which was speculated late last season, Wilkinson said "no comment."

                              Wilkinson has a history of not participating in offseason workout programs. The Broncos' offseason conditioning program begins April 2. Denver coach Mike Shanahan is a strong believer in having his players participate in the workout program.

                              Perhaps preparing to move on without Wilkinson, who turned 34 this week, the Broncos brought in Chicago defensive tackles Alfonso Boone and Ian Scott for visits this week. Scott is visiting the Minnesota Vikings today. Last week, Denver assistant head coach in charge of defense Jim Bates said he thought Wilkinson would do well in Denver because of his massive size.


                              Talks with former Indianapolis Colts receiver Brandon Stokley, who visited Tuesday, likely will continue.

                              Bill Williamson can be reached at 303-954-1262 or [email protected].