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    Elway- When I was in Denver 8 years ago he was standing outside next to Mickey Dees

    Eddy Mac- During the week we played Steelers last season we came back to Allentown and I saw him at a mall.

    I met alot of players at the Fan Fare, like Lynch, Rod, AW, Q, can't remember any others lol.

    Willie Middlebrooks- At the Rams game 2 years ago...


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      Met Jake Plummer, Al Wilson, John Mobley, Keith Burns, George Foster and like 4 other players who I didn't know at the Arapahoe Bowling Center. Keith Burns kicked all their asses.

      Also met Derrian Gordon at the Driving Range near Dove Valley.


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        Originally posted by DenverBaller
        Wtf my town in jersey is like 4,000 school alone has 4,000+...


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          oh yea, all i've met are willie middlebrooks, keith burns....but hell, not a lot of them come out to


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            bronco encounters

            i know jake plummer on a personal level. i was with him when he was a qb @ asu and arizona. i have been over to his house. He has been over to mine. My family and him are vactiong with him in idaho this week.


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     dad coached him in college the year asu went to the rose bowl (1996)


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       dad coached him in college the year asu went to the rose bowl (1996)


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                  Meet Darius Watts and Tatum Bell!!!

                  Originally posted by CBailey2404
                  i wanna meet watts and bailey

                  Check out you can meet Darius Watts on 7-25-04 in Aurora!!!!


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                    I had a friend that played football at Oklahoma State, I went up there to see them play Baylor, they beat Baylor 63-28. I got to meet Rashuan Woods (#31 pick Niners) , Kevin Williams (#7 or 9 pick Vikings), Tatum Bell (of course our own), and a lot of future NFL players, they were all real cool, we went to a party that night, i can say ive seen Tatum Bell trashed. That was an awesome experience


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                      Been lucky enough to meet Mike Shanahan and the guy is an absolute gentleman, happy to sign an autograph, pose for a couple of pics and chat about the Broncos. Was lucy nough to go around the practice facility before a game a few years ago and he and many of the players, even a day before a game were all happy to stop and pass the time of day.

                      Romo is one scary individual- its the eyes! I was 'Hi Mr Romonawski, can I have your autograph please?' LOL

                      Howard Griffith was a real top class guy, talked to him about his TD in XXXIII and Derek Loville was real nice to, dont know waht it is with the RBs but the ones I've met, including Orlandis Gary, were all really approachable guys.

                      Mark Schlereth and Tony Jones become 2 of my favorite players after talking to them, very freindly people who were as interested in England as I was in asking them q's about their careers!!! Sat down at their lockers and enjoyed a good coversation with them both and got some quality photos.

                      the other highlight was getting to wear one of the Superbowl rings- XXXIII, and wow that is what you call jewelery and a moment I wont ever forget- weird experince and hard to explain why it was so emotional- guess the wait to win one of those games with a roman numeral and then to meet the guys who made it happen and on top actually get to see and touch the 'hardware' or the spoils of superbowl victory seemed more of a dream and there I was living it out!