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    i was at the Carmelo anthony celebrity b-ball game last night and at the end of the game people flocked to get carmelo and a bunch of rappers autographs, but i stayed back and saw a group of guys who nobody even approached. come to find out i got to meet Mike Anderson, Garrison Hearst, Darius Watts, Reggie Hayward, Kenoy Kennedy, Kelly Herndon, DOnnie Spragan, Willie Jackson, and George Foster. To my suprise they were really cool and down to earth. my second bronco encounter came at the Movie theatres in Parker, Colo. where me and my girlfriend were walking into see a movie and Shannon Sharpe was in line right in front of us. ANy Bronco encounters u want to share?

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    in london

    in london for bronco v ram pre season game. went for some eats at a grill joint across from the ritz called smollenskys balloon. after we sat down looked across to see karl mecklenburg and simon fletcher eating t-bones. never forget the waitress taking to beers to their table and being told they wanted cokes instead. have chatted to dan marino about steve atwater at a golf tourny in scotland, had my arm round franco harris and chatted to cris carter at superbowls.


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      i met Q!! here in oklahoma. he is a stud and one of the nicest people i have ever met.

      I count 3 pokes it takes to bring Q down!! Q is the Man


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        Elway - Met ordering a #4 at McDonalds.

        Sharpe - Came over to my birthday party.

        Watts - Went to my highschool.

        Pryce - I Wrecked into the back of his car.

        Griffin - My dog attacked him while I was taking him for a walk.

        Smith - Played on my dad's local football team.

        Hearst - Was my babysitter when I was little.



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          HEY! We had the 2002 US WOMENS OPEN GOLF TOURNEY right here in my home town with a population of 40,787 people!

          Whats up now?



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            Wtf my town in jersey is like 4,000


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              Living here in Hawaii have met Ashley Lelie a few times...Even have met his mom very nice lady


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                I met Neil Smith at Dave & Busters in Denver. It was the night of the Dolphin playoff blowout game we had in 98? i think, where we wont by 30+ points. It was really funny cuz Neil ran back a fumble recovery in that game and my best friends mom congratulated Neil on his "interception" lol oh man we were laughing so hard....... he really didnt seem to mind that she said interception instead of fumble.
                "Hey that's great, but who are the Chefs?" - Snickers commercial


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                  I haven't met any of them YET

                  But I did try to talk.... through a radio interview(actually 2) recently on a Denver station KOA when Jon and John were on.
                  I got through, but they didn't take any callers........sigh
                  So close and yet so far.


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                    Met Eddie and Rod at the packer game last season. Bad Bad game


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                      Talked to orlandis gary at b-more when he was hurt.


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                        i wanna meet watts and bailey


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                          Greg Robinson

                          Went to the 1998 away Seattle game and arrive early. Spotted Greg Robinson in the seats watching the San Diego vs. ? game on the big screen .. said he was taking notes on their offense. i thanked him for SB XXXII vicktory. He signed my football and later that evening got some other autographs...Shanny, Pat B. and Jason Elam.
                          This is the NFL!!

                          Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

                          Go Broncos!!!!!!!


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                            In like 93 we staked out the hotel in San Fran where the Broncos were staying and met the whole team getting off the bus - Simon Fletcher, Karl, John, and Wade Phillips all signed our Broncos blanket - John let us take a pic and even stuck up for us when a sec. guard told us we couldnt - so that was cool -

                            then I met Tom Jackson at the Radisson in Bristol CT across the street from ESPN - I used to live a block away from there for like 8 years - when he signed his autograph the pen looked like a toothpick in his hand - LOL - he was super nice too

                            Thats it - all of them sooo long ago but I was still with my ex

                            What I wouldnt give now to be in the same hotel as the Broncos football team - god please just give me the opportunity one more time


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                              Originally posted by Jim

                              Griffin - My dog attacked him while I was taking him for a walk.
                              While you were taking Griffin for a walk, or your dog? Just clarifying! hehe