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official post match reaction for denver and kc

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  • official post match reaction for denver and kc

    I watched the Broncos play the chiefs at Arrowhead.

    I have seen Elway (during his final 5 years) play at Arrowhead. He used to be terrible there with Neil Smith, Derrick THomas & company sacking him all the time.

    And then I saw Plummer play at Arrowhead in the crowd noise and he almost led the Broncos to victory. I think he is going to be a awesome player as long as he stays healthy.

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    I hope you're right. But KC's defense does not have Thomas, Smith, Carter (when he was still good), etc. anymore. Their defense is decent but isn't dominating; it takes a lot of chances to make up for their weaknesses and, as a result, create a lot of turnovers. But I don't think they can compare to those great Chiefs' defenses that gave Elway troubles.

    Obviously, that's my opinion and I'm sure some Chiefs fans might want to debate it.
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      well i think jake is doin great besides sitting a game. compare him now to what the grease ball in miami is doin and i dont see and QB fued with the snake...take that however you want.


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        He is much better for the offensive scheme than Griese will ever be. I'm not sure if he's just a great quarterback, or if it's how well he fits in with Shanahan's offense. It's amazing how much better he is this year as compared to last year with the Cards. Of course, the Cards didn't really have the talent that the Broncos have, so that's not much of a comparison.


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          I think the biggest reason Plummer is better than thegrease ball iss because he's mobile. His accuracy is better than Griese's under pressure, so he doesn't get anyone's leg broken by throwing a shtty pass!!!
          Thanks for the memories, Ed.
          Can't wait for playoff time!


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            Not to mention that he seems to be more of a leader than Griese was. Griese seemed like he was always so aloof and standoffish that it was hard for the others to relate to him at all, much less function as a cohesive, consistently winning team.

            Btw, how did you make your print orange?


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              Something is wrong with Griese and Denver couldn't figure it out in time. Something has to be wrong when you yourself win part of a National Championship while in college, your own Dad is a Hall of Famer and won a Super Bowl, You go to a team and play behind a Hall Of Famer & 2 time Super Bowl winner and one of the top QBs in NFL history and nothing rubs off on you. The only people who will ever figure it out are the men in the white coats.

              Oh yeah and Jake Plummer is a good QB you go try and play for the Cardinals for 6 years and see how you do.


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                is shanny crazy

                I am in miami and can not get the game, is portis dead? whay are we gun slinging with 8 min left in the game? I am watching on sportsline.
                CCZUU LUV


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                  shanahans horrible

                  outcoached by **** Jauron, Plummer outplayed by Kordell Stewart. Eddie Mac its time to go

                  another year , no playoffs


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                    It's pretty much the way he's been coaching all year. The play calling has been friggin' terrible! Portis may have been hurt earlier, but to lose to the BEARS!!!!!!

                    We don't deserve to be in the playoffs this year. We can take the off season to go waste more money on idiotic signings like Daryl Gardner and Lee Flowers again...


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                      Re: is shanny crazy

                      Originally posted by phatbronco
                      I am in miami and can not get the game, is portis dead? whay are we gun slinging with 8 min left in the game? I am watching on sportsline.
                      They were passing because they needed 2 scores with a lot of field to cover.
                      "You can't take the sky from me..."
                      "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"


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                        Shanahan, WAKE UP

                        What is the deal with the play calling this year? The Bronco's running game has been a definite threat, and when you have a team with a strong running game, that opens up the passing game. Against the Bears, Shanahan seems to have forgotten this very basic rule of football. Portis seems to have a minor injury, but then, Portis isn't the only one who can run, now is he? What in the world is going through Shanahans mind? Sure, you need to pass to score quickly, but if you don't establish a running game, passing IS NOT GOING TO GET THE JOB DONE. Wake up, Mr. Shanahan, and get our team to the play-offs.


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                          Couldn't have said it better....

                          Maybe we should waste more money on draft/free agent busts. We have to be leading the NFL in worst signings.

                          Sort of an indication that we need some changes in the front office. Heads need to roll after this season and Deltha and Gardner should be the first to go. Unfortunately, we're stuck with Shannahan.


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                            Welcome to Dan Reeves Broncos Football

                            Am I the only one who is having flashbacks right now? Shanahan looses Elway to retirement, and can't coach a team any better than Reeves could. When is he going to quit drafting offense, offense, offense and get some guys who can stop the top offenses in the league, like Chicago? Oh wait, Chicago isn't a top offense......or defense.....or team for that matter. Heck, even the Lions can usually manage to split the two they play against Chicago most years. The Broncos are right back to where they were ten years ago, only difference being they have a running back who can run.

                            Shall we talk special teams? The Broncos special teams play would be considered poor at ANY level of football, let alone in the NFL.

                            Not to mention the fact that I actually rooted for the RAIDERS today, so we could get a game closer to the Chefs. Yet another opportunity wasted by Shanahan, his high speed defense and poor special teams play.
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                              Divide & Rule policy fails

                              Shanahan's divide and rule policy within the defensive unit by kicking out Gardener backfired. The defense looked sloppy today.
                              Heard Gardener is buying free pancakes for all at IHOPS

                              Looks like Miami will get the wildcard spot if they win tonight!

                              By the way, Shanahan's record drops further against good defensive teams such as Chicago, Ravens, etc.

                              Are you fans still dreaming of beating Chiefs, and Peyton's colts and Favre at green bay?

                              Go MIAMI!!! Will be fun if Greise wins tonight )

                              By the way my apologizies to Elway fans for even comparing Elway with Plummer. Plummer has 10 more years to be even compared to Elway or Marino after today's game!