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Best offseason move?

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  • Best offseason move?

    Give me your thoughts and insite as to why...
    Getting rid of Coyer for Bates
    Trading off Plummer
    Addressing the D-line in the draft
    Trading for Dre Bly
    Picking up Travis Henry
    Picking up Daniel Graham

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    Well, we have had one heck of an offseason. It is hard to decide the very best move, but I just put in hiring Bates.

    I think that hiring Bates, signing Henry, and trading for Bly are the best we have made. I am very excited to see what Bates does. I think Travis Henry will explode in our running system. I am mainly excited about Bly because we have Champ on the other side. I just want to see a QB under pressure from our new defensive line and having to throw into that coverage.

    The rest were good moves also, but I believe those three were the best, but I will vote Bates due to the excitement I have.


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      I think getting rid of coyer was a great move, because earlier, we didn´t have any good defense coordinator


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        Our running game was in serious trouble... not a typical denver year last year... Now Henry will hopefully get us back on track and allow less pressure on Cutler.
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          I think Travis Henry was the best move. We were not a dominant running team last year, despite finishing in the top 10 for rushing yards (8th), and we need to re-establish the ground game to take pressure off Cutler, and take time off the clock, which will help our D too.

          Henry will be our feature back, and with support from Bell Denver should have a very productive ground game this season.

          Bates - 2nd best move.

          D Line - 3rd.
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            Wow, I feel those were all great moves, but if I had to pick one, it'd be hiring Bates.

            Our defense needed to go in a new direction; everyone was starting to play like Dan Marino or Eric Deakerson against us. Besides not being able to hold on to a lead, our offense was getting very poor field possition as a result of the bend-not-break philosophy. And I think the guys at defense were starting to get frustrated.

            Hiring Bates gives the defense the refreshing new start they need.

            (edit) LOL, I had to change the name of one of the greatest runningbacks ever, because it's flagged as a profanity by the forum, hehehe.
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              Wow! Tough call. I think the acquisition of Graham will pay the greatest dividends this season.

              He brings a multifaceted game that should help in both the Denver rushing and passing game. It is my opinion that you can't over evaluate the worth of blocking on the line of scrimmage. He might well be the best blocking tight end in the game right now. That factor alone should go a long way tword getting our running game back on track. When you couple that ability with him being a sure handed receiver who excells in the red zone and in keeping the chains moving on third down, his value rises exponentially. We have shown a huge need in this aspect of the game. His dual ability in both the rushing and passing game will make it difficult for the defense to make a presnap read upon whether the Broncos will run or pass and be able to substitute accordingly.

              We tend to struggle a bit more versus 3-4 teams bringing OLBs off the corner when we pass. Do you remember the play-off game against the Steelers? Keeping in a blocking tight end can eaily minimize that problem. IMO Cuttler needs Graham up front to insure his well being.

              A solid case could be made for each of the poll choices. The Broncos' made one great off-season move after another but to me this one will have not only the greatest but the most immediate impact.


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                Hard to pick one of those...but I have to say getting Bates
                Go Broncos, make me keep believing this year


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                  since i could only choose one, i went with hiring bates, he will definetly take the defense in a better direction

                  close second was the d-line draft, even with the old guys bates could improve, but now, it is only time before we dominate on defense again


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                    BATES for coyer is a slam dunk. Without Bates there would not have been the DL draft this year . I'd have bet mikey might have been tempted to DAFT another LB to replace Al.


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                      Henry should be a no brainer. Bates still has to prove to me he's all that but I guess he's gotta be be better than Coyer.


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                        Thank you . . .

                        Originally posted by JRWIZ
                        BATES for coyer is a slam dunk. Without Bates there would not have been the DL draft this year . I'd have bet mikey might have been tempted to DAFT another LB to replace Al.
                        I was torn between the DL and Bates until I read your post. You correctly pointed out
                        that getting Bates resulted in the improvement of the DL. What you said about "slam
                        dunk" is dead on. While all the off-season moves will make an impact, this one will
                        make the most difference, IMHO.



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                          I guess I'll piggie back (ride coat tails) on JRwiz and ts and say Bates.

                          Bates may have even included in his acceptance of the job that Mike revamp the DL with the draft. Bates couldn't have improved our DL without better personnel help.
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                            I don't know about BEST offseason move, but the funniest one was Warren Sapp losing 50 lbs on the slim-fast diet!

                            I thought he was only on the Hostess Twinkee diet? You know the one: "how many packages of twinkees can you eat in one sitting?


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                              1a. Signing Henry
                              1b. Firing Coyer/Hiring Bates
                              1c. Drafting D-line

                              It's difficult to say one is better than the others. Adding Henry should get the running game back on track and that just might be the most significant upgrade this offseason.
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