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Superbowl XL11 Up To Cutler

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    Jay will provide us with NEW memories.

    A memory we may end up calling

    The Drive v2.

    or hell, it'll have it's own damn name.

    He led the commodres to a come back win in...


    Against the vols.

    That in its own should be something (considering his commodres)

    Had we won the superbowl this past year...

    That 99 yard drive against Cinnci would already be a staple to his career.


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      Everybody says we're the 4th-best at least.

      Everybody says Cutler's the next Elway.

      Remember, there's this thing called the offensive line. That has as much to do with success as anything else.


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        Our line's a lot better.

        It's the most important part of the offense. Period. Shanny knows that, too, which is probably the biggest thing that drew me to make the Broncos my third (and fourth) consecutive preseason SB pick even though the last AFC team to win was the '82 Raiders. I'll go through the brake down one more time:

        Lepsis should be healthy and a solid LT again instead of missing most of last year. Meadows is a journeyman who can and has played both tackles; he's the backup, then Harris.

        Hamilton is Hamilton, our best proven run blocking guard. Lotta folks like Kuper and Myers to change that, but I'm thinking the FO may be grooming Myers to take over Hamiltons LG/backup C job when Nalen retires and Hamilton goes to C. Holland is #3 despite starting for last years NFC South Champs.

        Nalen is Nalen, our star center, to the extent any offensive lineman is a star. Hamilton backs him, probably followed by Myers, unless we don't leave Eslinger on the PS (the consensus seems to be he's not developing as well as Kuper and Myers).

        Kuper seems the favorite to start at RG; he's in his third year, knows the system well and everyone raves about his talent. Best of all, he's not the anemic Cooper Carlisle who gave up two sacks against the Bungles. Backed by the better of Holland or Myers; I'd favor the talented Myers because he knows our system. Then Holland.

        Pears has a year of experience at the most demanding pass blocking spot, the QBs blind side, and he's back where he belongs at RT. Should be quite satisfying, and a vast improvement over George Foster. Meadows will back him, then probably Harris.

        On the other hand, kupesdad says both Chrisses have played every spot on the line (in fact IIRC correctly he said Kuper was an All State RT) so they COULD go anywhere. My only concern here is depth to develop for when Nalen and Lepsis retire and both Chrisses are starting with Harris at LT. Hopefully Lepsis will be around for a few more SBs though.

        On offense, it IS largely up to Cutler simply because we don't know if he, Marshall and Scheffler will play like end of last season or how well Rod and Stokley will recover, and all those tie in to the QB. Good news is we have that versatile every down back who can stay in and block on third and long and convert third and short, so we don't have to telegraph our play calling with our backfield. In terms of passing, Pears is light years better than Foster, Henry light years better than Tatum and Kuper can't be worse than Carlisle (and he's supposed to be quite good). Plus Lepsis and Meadows are healthy. So our line's just flat out MUCH better; it's just a matter of what the "skill" positions can do now that the "unskilled" but critical line is fixed. To summarize and paraphrase Bob Carroll, HoF guards: Very few; former guards turned coaches: Very many.