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    Originally posted by TXBRONC
    Hey In-com good to see you back on the board.

    Back to your post. Just a couple of things, first I really can't see how a guy can help you if he's not on the field.

    Second, Merriweather might be good but he does bring sizable amount baggage with him. Adulis Thomas was a great pick up but the Patriots trading for Moss wasn't a wise move. Maybe one could even say it smells of desperation.
    Ya know, a lot of fools around here just piss me off. Bashing ex-Broncos, accusing me of hating Cutler, and accusing me of only liking the Broncos because of one person. And you know what, many of them jumped the Titans ship April/May of last year. But I've never really left. Just steered clear of the GD.

    Stallworth has had his health problems in the past but that doesn't mean he'll still have them. And he produces when he's healthy. Actually, he produces a lot more and sees the field more than that reciever we signed. You throw in Welker and that prick Moss...they've upgraded that reciever position in a big way.

    Merriweather doesn't have his problems and he's possibly picked before Landry. I.E., the guy can play. If we'd drafted him every homer and his brother would be singing Celebration by Kool & the Gang. Much like they already are about Thomas.

    I'm with you though. I smell a little desperation from that pick and trading for Moss. Like Kraft and BB are Steinbrenner and Joe Torre. Only they aren't throwing money at the problem, just rolling the dice with character. But that's the only team that can do things like that. Atleast that's what the "experts" think/say.

    Bottom line, they've went out and spent/drafted some football players. Guys that should help their team out in a big way. The best offseason they've had in a long long time IMO.