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  • Portis fans or Bronco fans?

    As we start another season, we will not see Clinton Portis in the electric navy blue and bright orange that has been a comfortable fit as his success flurished. His departure was not one easy to swallow, however we all know how important Champ will be to our Defense, and we all know Denver does seem to be a (RunnersParadise)..however it did hurt to see the Miami graduate leave his beloved fans in search for money. Come to think of it, we cant blame him, he did deserve a salary in the millinons, rather then 3 somthing thousand a year.

    How many Portis fans are out there that have now become Redskin fans? Probably a good amount of people, as this is the first time we have, or will see a direct trade of superstars. Portis will continue to be great, but he might have more trouble then he enticipates. With the reputation of the highest paid running back in history solely on his back, he might have trouble with an offensive line that hasnt produced a great running game. Even Steven Davis couldnt run successfully during his time in the system.

    The question, or the point intended is that, as Bronco fans, do we dislike portis now, or do hope for his success. Personally his good health on the field doesnt concern me anymore as it would have if he was a bronco, but what do you think. Would you boo him if he played in Denver as a Redskin, or would he be praised. Do we still wish the best for Portis, or has he become a part of Denver's showcase of runners who have left due to injury, or money disiers. You tell me, wut do you think?..

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    Nice post.

    I must say that I am a Portis supporter but by no means am I now a Redskins fan. I wish Clinton all the luck and success but I do think he will have a rough go of it this year. The Washington O-Line is not the caliber of Denver's but Clinton will still find holes. It is called talent and I don't think his success is Denver was a fluke. I do see him getting a thousand yard season if the play calling allows it. He will need at least 25 touches a game to achieve that goal. I wouldn't be surprised to see the skins throw to him a lot as well.

    Good Luck Clinton. If we just so happen to meet in the big game, all bets are off! LOL

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      I hope that he does well in Washington. The only time that I will not be rooting for him is when he is playing against the Broncos. Even then, I would never boo him unless he does something stupid or immature (like sporting a championship belt on the sidelines after scoring 5 touchdowns against us).
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        I am a big Portis fan, ever since the first year he was on the team in the opener I was sitting on the couch hoping Portis would come in. And when he finally did and took a toss on 3rd and 6 with a misdirection play, he scampered for 12 yards and a first down. Ever since then, I knew he was the man. When Portis was dealt at first I was very dissappointed, but seeing the players the Broncos have picked up I think they have improved there team. I am still a Portis fan and I wish him the best of luck, except if he plays the broncos.


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          Being he is in the NFC, I really have no opinion or really care how he does. I feel he will do well, because he is very talented. I appreciated what he did for us as a RB, but some of his antics on the field rubbed me the wrong way. Had I liked him moreI might have taken more of an interest. On the flip sid, had he gone to the Raiders or Chiefs or a conference rival. I would have probably developed some hatred for him. ala Romo. I guess that makes me a homer.


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            I was a Bronco fan before Portis, and I'm still a Bronco fan first & foremost. That doesn't mean that I can't enjoy other teams & players performances. I hope Portis does well at Washington, other than when they play us. Hell, he can put up 200 yards against us, as long as we win the game.

            A thought for all those who, in jest or otherwise, wished injury upon CP. That would only prove him right, in that he was risking his ass for peanuts, in comparison to what the other top backs in the league. I wish it hadn't happened the way it did, but that's life.
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              he's not wearin blue and orange, so i could care less about him.


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                we got the best corner in the game who's also a great role model, who will also work out here and live in denver in the off-season! a true team player! he will make such an impact on our defense! good luck to portis though! but whoever we put back there, tatum or Q will have more yards than Portis this year, GUARANTEED!


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                  Clinton Portis grabbed my attention back in his senior year at Miami. He's the first running back I'd ever watched that made me say, "Damn, that guy is good." I just loved the way he ran and moved. CP is my favorite NFL player even though he is in Washington now. I'm a Broncos fan and a CP fan. I hope he does well, but I already know he will do fine. He was talented before he was with the Broncos and he'll continue to be stellar after the Broncos. I'm not the type of person that only cheers for Broncos players, that's just ignorant. The Redskins O-line has a lot of talent on it, they were just poorly coached. With Joe Bugel running things, they'll be playing very solidly and Portis will churn out another 1,500 yard season in 2004 without a problem. I'm a huge Portis fan as most of you know already. I'll probably buy his new 'Skins jersey when it comes out.


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                    Originally posted by EddyMac87
                    he's not wearin blue and orange, so i could care less about him.
                    My sentiments exactly.


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                      I personally don't care how he does. Despit him 'deserving' to earn more money.. I didn't see him turning down the signing bonus when he signed his contract. If he would have played out another year, and then renegotiated his contract... I wouldn't have the same feelings for his attitude. I bet he doesn't have the same production in a division that doesn't have the three worst defenses in the league. *shrugs* I won't draft him on my fantasy team next year.


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                        wow... can I touch you now?? *rolling My eyes*


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                          Re: Ravage

                          Originally posted by Black59Razor
                          No, Cabbage, but you can kiss my a**
                          What a grownup.....
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                            Yeah, I wish him a great career. If we was to play him in Denver I wouldn't boo the guy. He was a great guy here and a great player. Why boo him for what he did for this team when he was here? I don't blame him for what he did. You don't last forever in this game so you got to get yours when you can. I mean put yourself in his shoes. Imagine if he had gotten really hurt this year with that knee injury he had in that Cleveland Browns game. What if was a torn ACL, would he have gotten paid? Not A Freakin' Chance! See that's where a lot of People on this board fail to see that with Clinton Portis. Let the guy be. He's still my favorite Running Back in the game right now, until someone excites me more with his play. I wish him well unless he's playing the Denver Broncos or the Atlanta Falcons. Now if he was a Raider or a Chief that would be a whole different thing. You'd definitely get the Boo Birds chirping. Nuff Said!


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                              cp gone

                              we have our own issues to concentrate, winning the bowl. clinton can showboat in the capital all he likes, he a distant memory.