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Portis fans or Bronco fans?

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    Thanks Jed and here I was hoping he would fail..hehee

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      Originally posted by Jrhampton
      I was ok with Poortis until that incredible lack of class, running around the stadium wearing the WWF belt.
      Before that I was a little concerned about his attitude. When he went to the Probowl and back stabbed the team, with the holdout crap and then retracted it. That was the end of my loyalty to Poortis.

      Think Ravage said something to the effect about him wanting more money and had he played another year he would have made out ok.

      When one signs a contract to play and accepts money including a signing bonus. One should honor the contract Period, end of discussion. No one held a gun to his head and forced him to sign. He spent the money, wanted more. Did he deserve more, perhaps after this contract was over? Bowlin offered to insure him for injury, he wanted to be the highest paid RB ever, think greedy. Glad he is someone else’s worry now.

      Don’t wish him bad, but think he will wish he were back in DEN after running or trying to behind Snyder's team.

      Been a Bronco fan since the second game of the 1960 season. See no reason to change now.

      When I moved to SYR in the late 70’s when not watching the Bronc’s went to a bunch of the Orangemen games.

      Although when I lived in LA, did go to a bunch of RAM and Raider games. Just could not get behind them. Also the total lack of fan support for either of them makes me wonder if any team can do well in LA.
      That is my opinion almost exactly. I liked the guy, and I thought he was awesome. He was a great asset to our team, and he had skills. Nobody can deny that. I especially liked him in the second Chiefs game when he ran ALL OVER THEM...though the belt thing was perhaps a bit too much, but I didn't really care because it was the CHIEFS.

      He thought he deserved more money, and I think that he did deserve more money. He was a terrific HB and he was getting paid peanuts for his efforts. However, when you sign a contract, you complete the contract. Finish out the term of the contract, and then ask for more money. If the team won't pay it to you, then you can go somewhere else. I think that is at least a bit more honorable than quitting during the middle of a contract.

      As far as where my loyalties lie, I will always be true to my Broncos, no matter who plays and who leaves. It is the team I admire, and even though I like watching the individual players, my loyalty is to the team, first and foremost. Even if the entire team was switched with the entire Kansas City or Oakland team (God forbid), I would swallow my pride and cheer for the Broncos.

      I am mixed on my feelings for Portis now. Part of me wants him to do bad because he acted greedily and didn't honor his contract. Along with that, it would also give more glory to the Denver O-Line. However, part of me also wishes for his success, just because it would be nice to see him become a superstar and we can say that he used to play for us. I think I am overall pretty neutral, especially since he is with a team that we will only see once in the preseason and then only possibly in the Super Bowl. However, on August 9 I will be cheering against him...
      Thanks for the memories, John. We will always remember you.

      You look great in Canton! Perhaps I'll get to see you some day...