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Is Plummer REally going to be better?

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  • Originally posted by jdslick2
    Yet another example of the substance you keep talking about.
    I believe the same can be said about you, then.....

    Tell IS that toe-jam.....since you're so good at putting your size 6's into your mouth.
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    • Better means Healthier

      Experience within the offensive scheme over the last year and this preseason will give Plummer the ability to relax and be even more efficient. He can improve his numbers and his leadership by staying healthy. Injury is always a fear for every player.
      With an even better defense, the offense should get more short drive opportunities. If the special teams improve, the Broncos should be very good. Plummer is probably drooling over the opportunities he sees coming his way this year.


      • Originally posted by Jared
        Never claimed they didn't. Yet so have a lot of other teams. Had he said that the Broncos have had no playoff success since Elway left, I'd say nothing. But if the Broncos are an embarassment, the what are the Raiders? Just a little better than an embarrasment? His implication that the Raiders were somehow much better than the Broncos certainly wasn't true.

        San Diego, THEY are an embarrasment. Hopefully they can re-join the NFL in 2-3 seasons.

        Just because I argue one specific point does not mean I cannot recognize another.

        I do not see how my point disqualifies any problems the Broncos may have?

        I'd like to pile on a bit here. Prior to the Duke retiring we pretty much owned the raiderettes, can't quite remember how many games we beat them since Shanahan took over the team.

        Since then we have lost

        A HOF QB,

        A NFL MVP RB,

        A HOF TE for two and a half years of those five years,

        Since 1999 just how many HOF players have the Raideretes lost or for that matter how many did they add?

        Despite those facts we have played the raiderettes pretty straight up with a couple exceptions. Anomalies are what they were. One great game against the Broncos in five years. I remember one that a gutsy almost rookie QB beat the raiderettes, while playing with a separated throwing shoulder.

        Off the top of my head since Shanahan came back after being the raiderettes head coach. They have had but a couple of decent years.

        Just curious how many Super Bowls have they won since John Madden bailed on them?
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        • and when was the last time you won?

          Originally posted by Raiderjoe
          I believe raiders have won three superbowls. You only won two. So preach to a team you have more superbowl victories than. Sincec Elway left you been an embarrassment and why there alot of pressure on Shanarat to win this year.

          yes the raiders have three super bowls to the broncos two. one question though the raiders haven't won a super bowl in the last 21 years RJ. In the span of 21 years the broncos have been in 5 super bowls while winning two.That means a average of almost every five years we are in the super bowl. can the raiders say that?The raiders streak of not winning a super bowl is 21 years and counting while ours is a measly five years. yeah i wouldn't compare the raiders with the broncos either.
          Bronco fan 33 years and counting, GO BRONCOS!