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    Originally posted by Dream
    Over the past four years since I've really been taking analyzing football, especially the Broncos seriously, I've come to learn that over half of the crap Shanahan and Sundquist say is a lot of BS. Especially regarding players who have the potential to make the team, and especially regarding the draft. Of course this double standard exists, just as there's a double standard that sort of relates to this.

    Shanahan: "Everyone has a fair shot to compete."

    Yep, right. I'm sure Foxworth will start over a guy you just threw 30 million at and I'm sure Scheffler (making pennies) will start over Graham. Not to mention, player preferences have always came into play. I won't get into it, but there was some discussion regarding this on the OM, and I can find it - I'll post it over here.

    Fact is, guys like Nate Jackson probably wouldn't be in the NFL right now if he weren't on the Broncos. For some reason, talking to people who have been to the Broncos camps - the team just likes him for some reason. Maybe he's a coachable player and a nice guy, but Nate - like Courtney Brown was injured 364 days 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds out of the year.

    Anyways, it's pretty amazing how much football is actually politics.
    After his third or fourth after the year comment about being one or two players away and then doing nothing about it in FA or the draft that was what stopped me from believe him any farther than I can throw him.

    I know not many can understand how some players make the team IE Jackson but Mikey likes them and they do. While I have liked him, many on the forum do not see why mikey does.


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      Originally posted by topscribe
      Ummm . . . as we sit here, staring at our respective monitors, why don't we wait and
      see what the facts are, rather than fabricating the facts according to our feeble
      imaginations and publishing them on the board?

      Seems that's the best way to be fair to people.

      Aw, Scribe. I said that up above, but tried to be eloquent about it. Your simple wording says it all also.
      As the great divide in America continues we are causing harm to our future generations by avoiding what needs to be done.

      More people recognize Britney Spears than Dick Cheney.