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Eddie Moore Running with the First Team?

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    Competition will bring out the best.I would like to see Vaughn show some promise ,but you never can tell.A Good competition between allof these LBS will make for an interesting training camp.


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      Originally posted by denverobsession
      Don't know if this has made it to the board yet, but I was very surprised to hear the Post report that Eddie Moore was running in DJ's old slot on the FIRST team yesterday.

      That could make the battle for that last LB spot really tight!

      I have no problem with it I would rather have a young fast and athletic type of linbacker with ready to brake out skills rather than a slower vet that only has the edge because of games played. I hope Moore does win the job, he spent two years with Bates in Miami so he knows the the scheme. If he stays healthy I think our LB's will still be considered one of the best