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    PFT needs to remove the turd watch for marshall and if Kircus if ends up beating this.


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      Originally posted by Nick Budris
      PFT needs to remove the turd watch for marshall and if Kircus if ends up beating this.

      They need to already take Marshall off, all charges were dropped.

      If they call Marshall and Kircus a turd, wonder what they call the Bengals.
      Ready for the friggen season already!


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        IMO, the thing that really matters would be how many punches did Kircus throw?

        This has never been stated, to my knowledge.

        As told to me by a former Denver assistant DA, you have a right to trade blows. If a person throws a punch at you, you have a right to throw one back.

        But you don't have a right to keep beating a person that's down.

        I agree with the concept of "trading blows"...If someone swings at you, you have a right to swing back.

        It all comes down to, who through the first punch and how many times did Kirkus hit the guy? It's entirely possible the damage came from a single blow.


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          Originally posted by TXBRONC
          Actually Giveemlove is woman and an attractive one at that in my opinion.
          Yup...yes she is...

          Although, seeing her all fired up like this is a little scary

          People seem stuck on the lie detector issue. Yes, it can be beaten. No, it doesn't hold up in court very well. Yes, it's an out-of-the-box way to handle such a situation. No, Shanahan didn't say he's innocent.

          Everyone, PFT included, needs to get over this and move on. We don't even know if this will end in a trial. This could just end up being a financial settlement and the charges dropped. Most people will fight if provoked. Most people will say stupid things like "You don't even know what I'm capable of" if they are adequately provoked and FIGHTING.

          This is all silly. It'd be different if he sent his Pit Bull after the guy or something...

          Fighting is immature, stupid and irresponsible, but it happens. IF Kircus caused the argument and instigated the fight, he should be responsible for paying whatever damages are deemed appropriate. I don't see the point of treating this as a capital offense. There aren't any reports of a threat on the guys life or anything like that.

          Kircus - grow up and learn to walk away

          Other guy - keep high-strung pro athletes away from you or get a catcher's mask. Punches aren't thrown at random, so you contributed somehow.

          potential girl in the middle - stay the hell away from the Broncos

          Shanny - keep doin' what you do

          teammates - start tying this guy up at night if he can't get his head out of his arse. In fact, next time he's trying to leave the complex, tell B. Marsh to block him in.

          Denver legal system - GET DARRENT'S KILLER IN PRISON...let this be a civil matter. You don't want a guy like this making your Subs anyway. He needs to be on the field so he can work out these frustraions.


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            Originally posted by Giveemlove
            Did anyone catch the local Denver Fox news last night? The dumb sportscaster and his little opinion filled rant, followed by the Blog with me crap. I could give a crap less what some football reporter has to say about the Broncos or our coach. I could give another crap less what some writer has to say about the Broncos or our coach.

            The man is one of the winningest coaches of his timespan, and these peons want to question him. Take the microphone out of your yap, the pen out of your finger and you go out and complete the same job he has with the same success. Until you can do that....sit down at your measely little desk and have a nice fat cup of ****!

            Tired of the media and all of their bs.
            It is no wonder that a great many people regard the media as being on the same level as whale excrement. Who are these little creeps to defame Coach Shanahan.? I suggest they read his impressive stats, then they would know he is one of the premier coaches in the NFL. His record speaks for itself. yours was a great post....a CP is well deserved.


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              I've been reading Florio since back when they were, he's no chump. This isn't just some dude "bloging", and no one was questioning his "sources" when he was working for ESPN.

              He does not like Shanahan, but he is never unfair about it.


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                Originally posted by stnzed
                I've been reading Florio since back when they were, he's no chump. This isn't just some dude "bloging", and no one was questioning his "sources" when he was working for ESPN.

                He does not like Shanahan, but he is never unfair about it.
                Not many respectable journalists have derrogatory pet nicknames for public figures (none that I can think of, actually).

                I think Shanny should have just stuck with his "Let's let the due process take it's course" line, because the whole lie detector test thing is a bit bizarre. He might have been better served by putting the focus where it belongs as concerns Kirkus--pointing out that he might not even be on the team come the season's start, regardless of how things shake out for him legally. As far as Kirkus "suing" if he was let go because of the incident, or becasuse of a lie detector test...since when does a coach have to give a good reason for letting someone go? His job is to put the best team on the field, period (as far as personnel decisions go). We're not talking about a job at Subway here.
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                  Originally posted by Nick Budris
                  PFT needs to remove the turd watch for marshall and if Kircus if ends up beating this.
                  Actually, that's not going to happen. When they set this up, they said that points will be accrued for
                  arrests for felonies, misdemeanors, and convictions (which also includes guilty pleas and pleas of no contest)
                  So this is weighted to avoid people getting arrested and getting away with it. Why you ask?

                  Though we realize that, in the legal system, the only thing that really matters is a conviction or a guilty plea, we think the league's bigger problem from an image standpoint is the unending string of arrests. Besides, most people realize that pro athletes can afford the legal talent necessary to ultimately give rise to "reasonable doubt," and too many of these guys get special treatment even when the lawyers can't get them off.

                  As we see it, people who aren't turds don't just find themselves in the back of a police cruiser for no reason. Usually, men (and women) who end up in cuffs were doing something they shouldn't have been doing at a place where they shouldn't have been at a time when they should have been at home.

                  The challenge, as we see it, isn't just to avoid crossing the line. It's to know where the line is -- and to stay the hell away from it.
                  Link (scroll down to second article posted under heading Feb 3 '07, 11:42 a.m.)

                  So their 'mission statement', if you will, is to remove as much off the field conduct as possible.

                  They are attempting to do this by highlighting any and all arrests of NFL players, with the hope that the negative attention to the league will lead to stricter punisments and eventually, players stop acting like 'turds'.

                  Personally, I could care less about the turd watch standings, but I do care about the image of the league. For reasons that I will not post here, I think its important that the entire NFL is not viewed as a group of thugs. I am glad that Goodell is lowering the hammer on these guys, convictions or not.
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