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OTA Day 10: Notes and Photos

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    Originally posted by CHARLIEADAMSFAN

    hahahahah nice hair
    Ben's sporting the "Alzado" do.
    "Josh has handcuffed and buried this team for the next five years if not a decade. He has no game plan."-thinkin101

    "Welcome to your first losing season McD... you'll probably get a few right off the bat."-jrthefreak

    "I think the season will be a bloodbath. I'm on record and stand by my prediction of a 3-13 season..."-wolverine83


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      Thanks for the update

      How does Mike Bell look - physically, has he put on any extra muscle and does he still have that "shiftyness" to him?


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        Originally posted by AndrewMason
        That is always the lone positive of a little tweak-type injury ... that other players can see some more action. Hixon, Brian Clark and David Kircus -- who has been the primary first-team WR opposite Javon Walker the last couple of days -- have all seen plenty of time with Jay Cutler, Daniel Graham, et. al.
        I'm just wondering who the Broncos are going to keep. They have options to practice squad several of the youngsters, but I think we'll see some talented receivers go, maybe we'll see a "phantom IR" placed on a guy like Clark; who is raw as a receiver, but has some potential - but probably couldn't beat out a guy like Morgan or Hixon who probably have more potential as receivers/returners.

        It was my belief last year, that Eslinger going on IR was a Phantom IR thing. I think it was reported that he had a shoulder injury, but it didn't seem convincing enough for me to be led to believe that he needed to go on IR. Eslinger wasn't good enough for the 53 man roster, but he was too good to put on the PS, because someone probably could have used him and signed them from us. Strength at the point of attack was always an issue with Greg, and I just hope that the experience he gets in NFLE, will help him get back into the groove of things for missing out on football last year.

        Obviously this is my opinion, but I feel we have a pretty deep team. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of it, but I hope for the best.

        Keep up the good work!


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          Originally posted by BroncoSexyDaddy
          Chris Myers look like he was in good shape.
          Glad you noticed. He worked out pretty hard during the offseason. Thanks

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            Originally posted by 62OlinesDad
            Glad you noticed. He worked out pretty hard during the offseason. Thanks
            Of all athletes i seen pictures of, Chris looked noticebly stronger from last season

            He really looked like he work hard.