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    Originally posted by CrazyAsian
    I hope Kansas State upset that would be hilarious for Sooner fans.
    This would make a perfect weekend for me...

    K-State beats OU on Saturday
    Broncos beat the Chiefs on Sunday

    If those two things happen, I might have to call in sick on Monday because of heavy partying.
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      Originally posted by Aardwolf
      Thank you, my friend! Truth, honesty, candor! These are values I was taught to revere when I was growing up. My Dad alway said, "Tell the truth! It doesn't matter if it's what you want it to be or what I want to hear. A MAN tells the truth BECAUSE it's the truth. It's a matter or principle and of character. Anything less and you are selling your soul."
      But as others have noted you tend to be pessimistic in your evaluations. The truth also has bright spots too (ie Portis and Plummer.) Not everything is rotten in Broncoland. We could be as bad off as San Diego or Detroit. Yes we have weaknesses but every team does. The salary cap does not allow a team to plug all of the holes - and that is a GOOD thing (it makes for better football games.)