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The Real Greatness Of Rod Smith!

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    Originally posted by Jrhampton
    TO is a jerk and a head case, The Dallas Star episode and the Sharpie crap, does not belong on the field. All it does is piss off the opponents, and create bulletin board fodder.
    I LOVED IT! I would have done the same thing but in a Broncos uniform and would of been doin' it on the Raiders logo and pulling out a Sharpie and singing the ball for Charles Woodson.


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      Originally posted by elof
      the Vikings have been a run first team for two-three years now. randy moss(a great WR) is still putting up huge #'s.

      His year by year TD and Yards are

      01**********10*******1233 top three rushers totals
      02**********7********1347****2319 yards****26tds
      03**********17*******1632****1773 yards****11tds

      This was for 2002 Moss posted a career high in receptions last season, but his seven touchdowns were the lowest total of his career. The controversial wide receiver has great speed, athleticism and playmaking ability, which make him a threat to score virtually every time he touches the ball. But his attitude and desire have been questioned in the past. Those deficiencies have dropped him down the wide receiver rankings in recent seasons, behind Indianapolis' Marvin Harrison and San Francisco's Terrell Owens.


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        Originally posted by elof
        a great WR is supposed to catch touchdowns. in 9 years rod has only 52 touchdowns. that is less than 6 per year.

        t.o. and marvin harrison have played 1 less year than rod but have 81 & 83 TD's each.

        randy moss has played 2 fewer years yet has 77 TD's.

        rod has been a very good player. he is one of the best bronco WR's ever. he is not in the same the league as the other three in this post. he will not make the hall of fame. more than likely he will make the ring. be happy with that.
        wait wait many superbowl rings do those guys have elof? rod has 2 last time i checked!


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          Originally posted by GoBrOnCoS16
          wait wait many superbowl rings do those guys have elof? rod has 2 last time i checked!
          WOW! Brilliant things just expound from your tiny little fingers.....

          So I guess Marino wasn't a good qb......or his receivers.

          Good thing Rod 'carried' us to the SB's, or John would never have been the SB MVP.....nor TD.
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