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    Re: What?

    Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE
    Last time Mike was over here, I pointed out all 3 of my bathrooms, and Dude waved me off, said real men commune with nature. I'm like "What?" Next thing you know, Mike is wizzing in my wife's Peoni's and she's hitting him repeatedly with a broom! You can imagine the mess he made as he whirled and twirled about, trying to avoid the next swat. (And we all know damn well no man is gonna put the hose away while it still pumping) The whole time, I'm yelling "please Donna, let him be!" and ('cause both of 'em had gone way past their individual limits) Donna kept swatting him and yelling "I'll be damned if anybody squirts my frigging flowers". Just then, George Foster came around the corner, Mike darted under his immense wingspan, and George thundered "Whoa". Donna stopped dead in her tracks, never having seen a person so huge. George looked down at Mike, and said, "Want a ride?" "Damn straight" said Mike. Now Shanahan won't return my calls! What's up with that?

    mike never told me that story!!
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      listen listen, DJ told me that he and Vilma made a modest $1000 000 dollar bet on who's gonna start first in the NFL. Mike somehow knew about this and told DJ he would start him just to piss off the Vilma. DJ even offered him a cut, but of course mike didnt need that, he said that he just wanted to see the look on Vilma's face, "that would be funny" he said.
      "HOW THEY GONNA TRY ME LIKE DAT?!"- Champ Bailey


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        Doesn't smack belong somewhere else.


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          Originally posted by Jrhampton
          Doesn't smack belong somewhere else.
          I really dont think this is smack - most of the replys are just lame - I, for one, would like to know whether or not he was cut from 1st team


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            Re: No

            Originally posted by Black59Razor
            DJ Williams WAS demoted in the second mini-camp. He will not start on merit. If he starts, it will be because he was the first-round draft choice...right now, Spragan and Sykes are better players....and it's looking more and more like, if you absolutly had to have an OLB, you should have drafted the kid from Auburn, who will likely be a better NFL player.

            Don't say the NFL scouting reports did not warn you....Williams' weakness is the mental part of the game....

            Mike Croel?
            Dansby was a good second round choice. I believe that DJ has more potential. Once he gets adjusted to NFL style he will be fine. He probably will be the starter by the end of the preseason.


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              Don't even try to say Dansby is going to be a better pro prospect than Williams. On what merit was that comment based? The only edge Karlos has on D.J. is he's taller, he's prone to the same type of mistakes (overpursuit, going around blockers or not being able to disengage quick enough) and isn't as fast. D.J.'s the better athlete, playing a year of fullback (and he was productive) means the guy has to be able to catch so he'll definately pull in int's this season. And yes he will make his share of rookie mistakes, all do, but when he's on and clicking he'll be able to wreak havoc blitzing off the weakside where he'll be able to fly around and use his natural athleticism to it's best advantage. I will save this post, and in three years, even though I don't even really care about you, it will give me a great amount of personnal satisfaction to see how wrong you are.


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                Re: Dansby

                Originally posted by Black59Razor
                One has to wonder if the Broncos scouts didn't say a little "Oh, No" quietly to themselves after working Williams out....he is not, by any means, a "sure thing"...
                I overheard the doctors say the same thing when you were born.....
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                  I hope so. He's gonna be a monster!