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Broncos Game In Jacksonville

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  • Broncos Game In Jacksonville

    Will anyone be attending this game and traveling there from out of town? Also, does anyone know where the team will be staying while there? Thanks in advance.

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    Ill be there yo!!!! Donno where they are staying, but we could find out probably.


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      I want to see the Broncos play in Jacksonville....

      Next February!

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        ill be there but i live in orlando. ill be at the tampa game also thats actually closer to me tampa is only 1hr away . jax is about 3 hr's. ill be at both tho. go broncos. i bleed denver..


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          the boss will be there as well...

          drving down from atlanta...cant wait..


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            You guys already got tickets? I still need some. Trying to get lower level even front row where I will be seen. p


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              I will DEFINITELY be the touchdown club 5 rows up on the 35 wearing my brand new white Al Wison jersey.....lets tailgate....wooooo


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                I'm definitely gonna be there as well. It's great b/c one of my best friends is a Jags fan and he's going also. I don't think the tickets have gone on sale yet though. I too will be at the Tampa game, but I'm more looking forward to the Jags.

                I'm not sure which jersey I should wear. I bought a Portis away jersey near the end of last season and never even got a chance to wear it. I also have Anderson (my last name too) and Davis home jersey's, and the old school Elway and Sharpe orange jerseys. Unless I invest in a new one, I'll probably go with Anderson.

                I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
                My other love...
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                  Well, we better not even play it then. Yeah, lets give the Jags a win now and save all the trouble of getting geared up for it.


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                    Yeah, okay. Great. Thanks for the input!!

                    Anyways, we need to get something set up between us all for the pregame!!! It should be fun, and cool to meet some 'members of the board'! =p How many are going to get hotel accomodations for the night? Would be cool to party it up the night before.


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                      i'll be with my 7 yr old cant party up sorry but maybe we can all setup where we can sit somewhere near each other. holla backkkk !!!. im going to find out when tickets go on sale this weekend.


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                        Re: Whatever

                        Originally posted by Black59Razor
                        Do what you will, but don't say you weren't told....

                        Jags are a lock

                        well the bengals are a lock also, to kick the ravens ass!!!

                        dont say you were't told
                        when do native Americans become human and not mascots