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Helmet to Helmet penalty needs to go

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  • Helmet to Helmet penalty needs to go

    Seriously, it's a penalty that's hurting the game and it's only arbitrarily enforced (only when a defensive player makes a big hit).

    If it's so dangerous to collide helmet to helmet, why is it ok for a running back to do it on every single run. Hell, that's what the backs are taught to do, and rightfully so. You are never going to see a back run straight up through a hole just so he doesn't collide helmet first with a defender - and you'll never see a ref call a penalty on a back. Take a look at Portis' hit on Urlacher that knocked Urlacher out of the game. It was classic helmet to helmet, and if had been Urlacher that had hit Portis it probably would have been a penalty.

    I say get rid of the penalty altogether. It's just plain stupid.
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    There's a big difference in a running back putting his head down and barging forward for a couple more yards and a safety who leads with his helmet to make a tackle.


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      It's there to protect the players and it needs to stay

      Btw, TD and Eric ****erson ran straight up :p


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        Its not safe for a safety to lunge at a receiver with his helmet, or serious damage could be done to the receiver or safety. THe penalty should stay. Receivers are focusing on the ball, not the guy coming to kill them, wheras a linebacker expects a running to try and nail him for a couple extra yards.
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          you need that rule.....

          It's supposed to protect recievers and QB who in a vulnerable position whether they jump in the air or the qb has let go of the ball. positions where thse players can't defend themselves and can get seriously hurt. The problem is that it used to be a no brainer to call now the refs are not even huddling up to determine if the call is questionable or not. they throw the flag, the penalty is 15 yards and that player is fined a substantial amount of money. that's a very quick call to make at a split seconds time. players have to learn not lead with thier head but how. that's what they been taught all thier lives playing football.
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