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    Originally posted by Jrhampton
    Mikey does that is the one that counts. Kannel was brought in to be #3 last year. He only managed to get into the game when everyone else went down.

    During one of the games he was in had a really bad case of the flu Ravens or maybe Pats game. I think.

    He did ok for not getting many reps last year, not really knowing the offense yet and last but not least being out of football for a couple of years.

    He was a pretty darn good QB in college, when he did not become an instant superstar in football. He had to take care of the Baseball itch.

    Jake has only misssed 10 games in 7 seasons, 5 last year one because Mikey wanted to rest him.

    So unless he becomes injury prone, not to worry.

    I can't see having some big name QB taking up big cap space setting behind Jake just in case. It seems that Denver has always had pretty durable QB's, usually do not put them out in harms way by asking them to be runners. Like VICK.

    lets hope we never have to prove your right
    when do native Americans become human and not mascots