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The first cuts are in: Lang and Veal

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    Originally posted by DenBronx View Post
    good to see the released him sooner than later. at least lang will get picked up with whoever he wants.
    Yeah this was a respect move to Lang. It lets him have more time to get in with a team.


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      Yeah, I won't miss Veal much; I'm not sure if he was our 2nd or 3rd best DT the last few years, but either way that had more to do with how awful Myers and the other scrubs beside Warren were than how good he was. At 288 (IIRC) he definitely wasn't the kind of clogger Bates wants at DT; I just hope Gordon and/or Burton are better in that capacity than they were in that of UT.

      The Lang cut is a little more surprising, but most seem to feel he wasn't the kind of run stopper Ekuban was, and that made him a pass rusher; we've got tons of pass rushers now, and while none have his experience, they don't have his paycheck either. Time will tell the wisdom of the decision but my main concerns remain those of last season: QUALITY depth at MLB and DTs to allow those pass rushers to do their job. The only thing that's really changed is that the loss of Ekuban makes Engleburger and (maybe) Crowder our only real run stoppers, so I wouldn't mind a third, and if these cuts make that possible I'm all for 'em.

      Gimme Trotter (or the equivalent), a younger Sam Adams and a stand in for Ekuban and I'll feel a lot better. We are going to have to pay for 'em though.


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        i think it shows that someone is content with what we have and think it can work. ekuban's not a bad player, not as bad as alot of players who will get cut around this time. and we just had dline injuries, too. so i think the staff's happy with moss, elvis, crowder, adams, thomas, etc.
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          Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
          This also opens the door for Denver to sign Simeon Rice...
          NOOOOOOOO!!! That would be Dale Carter revisited.


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            It seemed the writing was on the wall for Lang. Hated to see it happen to such a classy guy.

            Loved his attitude. Best of luck to Kenard.


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              And now, unless I'm mistaken, Alvin McKinley is now the last Brownco standing.

              Unless we kidnapped a couple of their D-Linemen after Saturday's game!


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                During this tedious OFF SEASON I managed to get fan fair tickets in trade for a computer repair. So I take the family with, and we proceed to spend an hour waiting in line for a picture with someone whom I barely know and my family surely doesn't. None of us wanted to wait in another line after that, so it's the only pic we got all day, and then we had to pay $17.00 for it! Now he's been CUT? How nice...
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                  Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
                  Believe me, I'm not advocating for us to sign Rice. I'm just saying that rumors state Denver is interested in him, and this would be a step in the direction to get him on the team.
                  That's good point however, it could also mean that Shanahan and Bates are comfortable with the defensive ends we already have.
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                    YES, the means more playing time for Dumervil. He will get 10+ sacks this year EASY!


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                      Originally posted by BaileyTheBest View Post
                      And now, unless I'm mistaken, Alvin McKinley is now the last Brownco standing.

                      Unless we kidnapped a couple of their D-Linemen after Saturday's game!
                      Amon Gordan as well.


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                        I didn't expect Veal to make the team, and despite rumors of Lang's soon-to-be departure I still thought that he'd make the team...unless they are keeping more depth elsewhere, or are making room for someone else.


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                          Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
                          Crowder is Ekuban part II so things aren't as bad as people think. The defense is slowly coming together a game at a time and by midseason we'll have a better feel for how they're really going to look. Our front line will be much better by then.

                          Personally, I hope our team gets thing in gear before Game 9.

                          They're your teammates, now.
                          Best of luck, TT!
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