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    Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
    Woah and Hackney at QB... are we just not playing Ramsey for injury reasons? Or is Hackney our 2nd QB? I hope so... I've been rooting for this guy.
    Hackney will be cut after the game's end.......


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      Originally posted by MasterShake View Post
      Did anyone else notice they had the wrong picture up for Parsons when he came in? It was some goofy lineman I can't remember the name of, anyone see who it was to help settle a bet?

      Actually it was a picture of Parsons, just an old (and very bad) one. You can see that one if you google "Preston Parsons" and look at the images, its the fifth one along the top (link)

      The more recent pictures are much more flattering and the older one has been removed everywhere as far as I can see. Though he does look a bit like Chris Kuper in that picture (link)

      Regardless, he didn't have a great night, and I'm sure it was a frustration to only get in late in the fourth in the final preseason game. I hope him well, wherever he ends up.
      Always a Broncos fan.