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***Official Adopt-A-Bronco Broncomania Thread***

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  • ***Official Adopt-A-Bronco Broncomania Thread***

    No more than three adopters per player.

    Choose whoever you can/want and remember to follow their progress throughout the season. Check up on how they're doing, what contributions they've made and any news on them.


    If you would like an official Adopt-A-Bronco sig, say so in this thread:

    As per SNK's orders, I have included the reservations made to him, as I took none myself.

    My adopt-a-bronco is Mike Leach

    Players bolded can no longer be adopted.

    Abdullah, Hamza [Exxon, beastlyskronk, Jamal]
    Adams, Sam [32-33Champs, Cgantz20, Astrass]
    Alexander, Stephen
    Bailey, Champ [Snk16, ARBroncos6, TR3Y]
    Bell, Mike [The Hamburgler, Broncos2024, dcorbett]
    Bly, Dre' [cadencesdad, Thundergirl, ReleaseTheBeast7]
    Burton, Antwon [Broncobulldog07]
    Clark, Brian [ckstorm182000, MileHighInNY, SoCaliBronco]
    Cox, Curome [Atwnbroncfan, superFREAK, JerseyFan24]
    Crowder, Tim [thehighlander, Dream, Broncosfreak_56]
    Cutler, Jay [broncos_mtnman, Watson 81, fcspikeit]
    Dumervil, Elvis [JoRo, draco193, Nas]
    Elam, Jason [Kapaibro, MileHighCdn, mrs.ssgtwc]
    Engelberger, John [BroncoAV06]
    Ferguson, Nick [HORSEPOWER 56, ChampWJ, delirium_05]
    Foxworth, Domonique [Thrasher, Gurada, champbronc2]
    Gold, Ian [Giveemlove, Mat'hir Uth Gan, BroncoFaninMD]
    Gordon, Amon [halfback]
    Graham, Daniel [[email protected], stnzed, bruce80_267]
    Green, Louis [jaminn13]
    Hall, Andre [T140, Anikai, ElwayForPrez]
    Hamilton, Ben [bjoli198, SDSU#1, The Executioner]
    Harris, Ryan [Ian, Jazzman1987]
    Henry, Travis [Davii, ImaBroncosFan, PA BRONCO 420]
    Hixon, Domenik [dontfeedthenerd, pnbronco, JayCutler4MVP!!!]
    Holland, Montrae [dwill4ever27]
    Jackson, Nate [Natemania, Chica_Ang]
    Kuper, Chris [Nick Budris]
    Leach, Mike [White Dragon, DCBronco, ManFromJapan]
    Lepsis, Matt [martz11, dogfish, Adrenaline]
    Lewis, D.D. [Bryceleo]
    Lynch, John [calibroncogrl47, melissAnn, denverbroncofrk]
    Marshall, Brandon [TheFuture6, SBboundBRONCOS, CutlerRules6]
    McKinley, Alvin [BaileyTheBest]
    Meadows, Adam
    Moss, Jarvis [BF_forever, DenBronx, crazybronco]
    Myers, Chris [bearbroncoilly, 62OlinesDad]
    Nalen, Tom [OrangeCrush117, Shawshank24, *Atwater*]
    Paymah, Karl [CinnaMunMun, Orange_Crush21, specialblend154]
    Pears, Erik [hilife, Redbirdy80, MissinMcCaffery]
    Ramsey, Patrick [KMA]
    Rice, Simeon [jlhawkins9, GoBroncos84, MAXFLI1010]
    Sapp, Cecil [classicarluvr, BVP, aberdien]
    Sauerbrun, Todd [evendelae, MTRaiderHater, TheMastermind]
    Scheffler, Tony [Hallam Bronco, Scheffler88, TheJackal]
    Shoate, Jeff [PatrickdaDookie, dwills#1fan27]
    Smith, Paul [AsianOrange, nickmeyer, OrangeCrush5280]
    Smith, Rod [JWinn, hardcorebronco, xX-Bronco-Xx]
    Stokley, Brandon [Nomad Broncofan, BroncoSexyDaddy, avspunk]
    Thomas, Marcus [ShadeofBlue, jb_edson81, Chava]
    Walker, Javon [TheWookieBronco, Broncos Rex, McKeough]
    Webster, Nate [rbk_bronco, Broncos86, LiquidBlue]
    Williams, D.J. [CHARLIEADAMSFAN, ruffryder7447, RunYouOver]
    Young, Selvin [Hoserman117, xDenver Freakx, Bronco Texan]

    Injured Reserve
    Ekuban, Ebenezer
    Holdman, Warrick

    Practice Squad
    Cargile, Steve
    Eslinger, Greg
    Fenton, Mark
    Hackney, Darrell
    Harris, Steven
    Martinez, Glenn
    Rogers, Roderick
    Washburn, Cliff

    Peterson, Kenny
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  • #2
    I adopt Tim Crowder DE #96


    • #3
      Brandon Marshall. Kid is gonna be an absolute stud this year.
      Last edited by TheFuture6; 09-02-2007, 09:06 AM.

      My 2007 Adopt a Broncos are Brandon Marshall and Erica Weston


      • #4
        On behalf of JoRo I adopt Elvis Dumervil


        • #5
          Daniel Graham.... Go Buffs!


          • #6
            I want Lynch!!!


            • #7
              I want to help Mtn Man with Cutler if we can. If not Lynch (but I would prefer Cutler)


              • #8
                I Adopt John Lynch, Tony Scheffler,
                or Jarvis Moss


                I didn't know we could triple pick any players. Can I have Cutler?
                Last edited by fcspikeit; 09-02-2007, 09:15 AM.
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                • #9
                  Travis Henry


                  • #10
                    As if any of you even have to ask.....

                    Ian Gold is my recurring adoptee. I formally adopt him for the 2nd season in a row!
                    Ready for the friggen season already!


                    • #11
                      Cali beat me on Lynch so If I can't have Cutler I want Stokley


                      • #12
                        I adopt Tony Scheffler!


                        • #13
                          I would like to Adopt the Champ.
                          My Adopt a Bronco: Champ Bailey


                          • #14
                            gimme DJ Williams if hes gone when i post this ill edit for someone new

                            RIP Darrent It's been one year, Gone but never Forgotten.

                            I Adopted JayCutler4MVP!!! and DJ Williams


                            • #15
                              If a player can have more than one adopter then I want Brandon Stokley. Home grown Louisiana boy like myself!!!