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Broncos best offeseason move was ?

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  • Broncos best offeseason move was ?

    Our Draft?
    Our Trade for Bly ?
    Our FA pick ups ?
    New Defensive coach Jim Bates ?
    Or every move they made was bad and the Broncos will finish less then 9-7

    I think all 4 moves were outstanding. Which was my favorite? Probabley the FA pickups and Jim Bates. Im happy to get G.Foster out of here for such a CB and Tatum Bell didnt bother me. I could rush for 1000 yds in Denver and he seemed to be Injury prone.

    Also if you could bring 1 player other then QB to Denver who would it be ?
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    1. Bringing in Bates
    2. Drafting d-line finally

    The player I would most want on my team is Julius Peppers. He would bring instant credibility to are pass rush and we could move him inside on passing downs to have Elvis come in. How scary would that D-line be? On third downs Moss and Elvis at end then Marcus Thomas and peppers on the inside


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      travis henry. its good to see a real running back in denver again.


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        Originally posted by DenBronx View Post
        travis henry. its good to see a real running back in denver again.
        I agree. Travis Henry will be a major force for us this year, and should greatly help Cutler in his development.


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          Originally posted by DenBronx View Post
          travis henry. its good to see a real running back in denver again.
          Without a doubt the Broncs best move.


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            I would say getting Henry and Graham.


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              Jim Bates, without a shadow of a doubt...............

              Coyer had had 3/4 years(?) and our D was stagnating, replacing him was a neccessary step, and his fingerprints are all over our off season moves.

              Can't wait to see how the D performs when we're not playing vanilla
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                I was excited about Daniel Graham.


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                  Graham and maneuvering up to get Marcus Thomas in the draft.


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                    ill let you know in 17 weeks
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                      The pick-ups of Daniel Graham and Travis Henry will change the face of our offense. That should give the defense time to catch up.

                      Oh, in week seventeen I expect to be saying the same thing.


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                        I liked the pickup of Travis Henry.

                        I really liked the pickup of Daniel Graham.

                        I think Jim Bates is a heck of a DC.

                        I love that we drafted Crowder, Moss, and Thomas. To me, that was the most glaring need of all. These guys might not contribute a whole lot this year, but getting the leagues retreads was getting old and tired, literally.


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                          jimmy kennedy


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                            Daniel Graham by far. An excellent blocker, great in the clutch...what more could you want from a TE?

                            I'm not sold on Bates, but as always we will see how real this scheme is week 4.
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                              1. Travis Henry- a legitimate threat to gain at least 1,500 yards

                              2. Daniel Graham- an excellent blocker who's a legitimate target in the passing game

                              3. Jim Bates- a proven producer of top ten defenses
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