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  • Rice Contract Details

    Straight from Adam Schefter..


    2.18 million base salary
    850k signing bonus
    up to 1 million in incentives as follows

    250K for 10 sacks
    250K for 12 sacks
    250K for 14 sacks
    250k for 16 sacks
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    Here's hoping we pay him the extra million.

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      this makes me very confident. he took less money to play here, under that contract. when money's on the line you know what you can do. and he believes he can do this. and judging from what i've seen and read from rice, he's confident but not stupidly arrogant. he obviously thinks he can hit 14-16 sacks.

      will he? doubt it. but he'll be gunnin all season long and will come close, and that's still just as good for us. a motivated simeon rice will do damage.
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        even if he doesn't get a bunch of sacks, pass rush+QB throwing quick=INT!


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          Originally posted by Bronco_Rob View Post
          even if he doesn't get a bunch of sacks, pass rush+QB throwing quick=INT!
          Yah, he will most likely get double teamed if he is even 80% of his former self. Which means pressure on the QB's is very likely. And with our secondary that is almost what you want instead of sacks. Since both Bly and Champ have amazing ball skills.


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            Thats a nice contract. Correct me if im wrong but isn't alvin mckinley getting more money than Rice.


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              Originally posted by PatrickdaDookie View Post
              Here's hoping we pay him the extra million.
              No kidding. In fact, I think they should have kept adding another $250,000 for every two sacks and see if the money motivated him to break 20.

              I sure hope he can bounce back with one of his typical seasons. If nothing else we've bought more time for our rookies to develop. But if they can contribute quickly I think our D-line could be a strenghth by the end of the season... when it counts the most.

              Just make the playoffs, Denver, and anything can happen!
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                WoW...I was expecting him to get paid a little more....I mean he was supposed to get $5 MIL in TB...they asked him to take a pay apparently was more of a pay-cut than I had thought they had asked him to take!

                Well, if teams are double teaming him, GO GET'EM ELVIS AND MOSS AND CROWDER!! Hopefully that will help the tackles as well....


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                  More contracts should be set up likethis, very fair, demands results to get paid, but rewarded nicely.