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    Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
    Graham and Scheff will be the starters on two TE sets. On short yardage or goal line (they will probably replace one with a lineman) but Alexander would probably get the nod. If its passing downs and we want the TE in the pattern or a threat to be in the pattern, Scheff will be in. If we are going against a heavy blitzing situation and working to max protect, we may see Alexander in. But Scheff is the guy that will see the more time played along with Graham.
    Alexander will also get his share, he's been one of the most underrated players these past seasons for us along with Ferguson.


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      Originally posted by Broncosinindy View Post
      Thats all fine and dandy but if scheffler is not beating out jackson and jackson is looking better Denver had better start jackson over scheffler. i think it alsp should put a little motivation in him

      in the end jackson looked great this preseason and has earned the right to be the third stringer.
      THANKS !

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        Scheffler has to work his way up the depth chart just like Marshall had to. This is not a surprise to me. In any case, like many said we will run alot of 2 TE sets, but Graham is our number one guy. I just hope Schef has the motivation to get back to the top of the depth chart soon, I haven't heard much from him this offseason.
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          [QUOTE=718broncofan;1923232]daniel grahm was hands down the worst acquistion by far in this offseason!!! and i think shanny doesent wanna rush graham outta town yet but if im scheff why do i play hard when your front office goes out and picks up an unproven tightend for gates and gonzalez money????????[QUOTE]

          Unproven??? You are kidding, I hope.

          Although I don't see it happening, if Scheffler IS sandbagging because the front office brought in Graham, then he is not the kind of player you want around anyway.

          One thing Shanahan has shown, if you are good enough to beat someone out of their position, then you'll start, it doesn't matter where you were drafted or how much money you are being paid.

          Scheffler, in my opinion, will be fine, and will contribute this year, but he still needs to work on his weaknesses.
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