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Moss Vs Engelberger

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    Originally posted by Bronco_Hyde View Post
    I think everyone is underrating Dumervil. He should get the start before Moss or Crowder, he's earned it. Don't get me wrong, I like what I'm seeing from both the rookies, but give them some time to adjust, and smarten up on the run defense a little bit.
    I'll tell you one thing, it's been a long dang time since I've been excited about Denver's D-line. I'm just happy to have a little depth, and some up-and-comers.

    Personally, I think if the line tightens everything up, and the DB's play like they can, It's entirely possible to see Denver's defense with a higher scoring average than many opposing offenses. How great would that be?
    Aren't the 2 starters currently Engleberger and Dumervil? That would why Dumervil isn't being talked about as a possible replacement.

    I have to agree with broncolee though, Crowder is much more likely to take the starting spot this year from Engleberger than Moss. Moss will come in for 3rd down and long and other obvious passing situations, but for 1st down and running situations I much prefer having Engleberger (or Crowder as the year goes on) on the field.


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      Elvis was the starter until the Rice signing...prolly will see Elvis start at the Bills, but Rice I think is listed #1 on depth chart...


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        You're probably right about that, at least for game 1, . . . my comments were based on the assumption that Rice would be the other starter.