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Broncos' Tebow thrilled by Elway's pledge of support

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  • Broncos were 2 wins from the SB.

    Broncos saw how NE can be beat. The Ravens and The Giants showed the way.


    • Originally posted by tzinc View Post
      Broncos were 2 wins from the SB.

      Broncos saw how NE can be beat. The Ravens and The Giants showed the way.
      Yeah, be a better team. Just because you think someone shows you the way doesn't mean you have the horses to get there. Denver is closer to 6-10 than they are 12-4 at this point. Too many holes in the D and other key positions on offense to think one draft and FA season will fix them.

      The broncos might have been only two wins from the SB but they are clearly behind more than a few AFC teams in talent.
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      • Originally posted by demosthenes9 View Post
        Cool. We disagree here. As far as competition, I think that's a bad situation. The reason why is that someone like Kyle Orton could come in(draft or FA), make all the throws, get named as the starter as Tebow still isn't at that point yet, then Denver never benefits from what Tebow could become. Two years later, they guy is 7-21 like Orton was.

        It would be like if John Elway had been replaced in his second season, before he matured into that SB winning QB.

        I believe that the upside is so possibly tremendous, that you take a little risk and give Tebow the 1 year to develop. It gets back to what you admitted, that if Tebow did "develop into a good passer he will be one of the most dangerous weapons in the NFL". I don't think you sacrifice that yet just because someone else comes into TC and throws a prettier spiral and has a better comp %.

        But think about this. Even tailoring the offense to Tebow, what does that really hurt ? The line would still block much the same way if you went to an "under center" rushing attack. In both offenses, they would pull, trap, seal, etc.

        I'm also advocating that Denver actually EXPAND the passing game by going to a full spread option. Offensive line would have even more of an opportunity to develop in pass blocking. I'd have to look at the numbers for when Tebow was starting QB, but I'd opt for about a 60/40 ratio of run/pass.

        Looking at it objectively, I can't see where the offensive line would be at any kind of disadvantage if we went to the Spread Option as our base offense. Can't see where the receivers would be at a disadvantage either as even in Samparnell's system with Tebow being under center, the recievers would still do a lot of blocking.

        In my perfect world, if Denver had the best QB on the planet next year, they'd still have a difficult time. We need work and improvement and waaaay more than just the QB position.

        So, use draft/FA to fill those other holes. Change the offense even more to effectively utilize Tebow's current skill set while transitioning him to an "under center" QB. The Oline will mature and get better either way. The receivers will mature and get better either way. The defense will become more solidified.

        IF after next year, Tebow doesn't pan out, you still have a great offensive core for another QB to step into. An offense that could indeed shift to a more conventional one without much difficulty.

        Things might be different if we had a chance at Andy Luck (though I'm not sold on him). The following year, there's a deeper QB class and if Tebow stinks it up, Denver would be in a better position to draft their next "franchise" QB.
        I don't have a problem with most of this. I say give Tebow at least another season as the incumbent starter. A QB should be able to show what he has by his third season in the NFL. If not, while he might still develop into a great QB, he might have to do that elsewhere.

        I do have sort of a concern with two things you said. One is that if another QB comes in and does well in training camp, that we don't give him a shot. I think Tebow should be the incumbent, which places a greater burden of proof on his competition (though I still think Quinn got shafted by Tebow leapfrogging him in the depth chart to become the starter). But if that QB (whether a re-signed Quinn, Weber, a free-agent or a rookie) comes in and does show a significant distance between himself and Tebow, we can't deny him the opportunity.

        The second thing is about tailoring the offense to Tebow's strengths. I think it would be fairer to say that the offense should be tailored around the strengths of all the offensive starters, including Tebow.
        Hoping for a defensive-minded head coach and a return to the ZBS on offense. At the very least, no more cheaters for head coach.