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DP: Late-season injuries prove that Tim Tebow can't make a living as a run-first qb

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  • DP: Late-season injuries prove that Tim Tebow can't make a living as a run-first qb

    Just thought I ask, can Tim keep running the way he did this year?


    Today's question comes from A.P. Crisafi:
    Q: Why not try (Tim) Tebow and (Brady) Quinn — or whoever — at the same time, in a kind of wildcat formation? You would have the defense confused to the max, because they wouldn't know who was getting the ball, the runner-passer or the pocket-passer. I think you could even lateral to the other one and run some variation of the option or the pure pass. If Tebow is going to play like it's street ball, why not draw up some creative plays. Curious as to your thoughts.

    A: A.P., in general the Broncos will always tinker with ways to add some things to the offense that enhance what they believe Tebow can do. They basically broke the NFL mode this past season with their version of the read option.

    That was something most defensive coaches had not seen in the NFL in their careers, at least beyond a one-play slice of somebody's offense.

    Over the long haul, however, the Broncos have said their goal is for Tebow to progress as a passer because, in the end, that will be the best solution to relieve the increased pressure defenses put on him as a runner. When Tebow can work with more comfort from the pocket, then his ability as a runner is enhanced and the potential impact with what he can do with the ball increases.
    And the fact Tebow basically finished the year in the training room with shoulder and chest injuries and would not have played the Broncos' next game had the team won in New England shows he will not be able to make a living as a run-first quarterback as his career unfolds.

    Defenses simply don't allow it in the league. He started 13 games this past season, including the two playoff games, and would not have started the 14th.

    Also, his threat as a runner diminshes if defenses don't believe he can hurt them throwing the ball.

    Some have said the biggest hit he took against the Patriots came when he was in the pocket, but much of the punishment he took leading up to that hit came as a runner. And many scouts who saw him play down the stretch say he looked far less enthusiastic about turning the ball up the field over the final five games of the season.

    They speculate it was because Tebow was hurting, and he did have treatment on his right shoulder for a few weeks before the end of the season.
    The bottom line is any idea to create some misdirection on offense can be a good one, but those things are temporary fixes when it comes to the offense's performance overall.

    Eventually, the Broncos have to have some kind of traditional passing game, and Tebow will have to function in it if he's going to be the team's starter over the long-term.

    To that end, one of the Broncos' major goals this offseason is to improve Tebow's footwork coming back from center and when he sets to throw. His timing between his footwork and his arm-swing doesn't always match, which can lead to poor timing with his receivers.

    John Elway has talked of changing Tebow's mind-set with the ball at times too. After the season, Elway said he believes he relied too much on mobility early in his own career and wants to convey that message to Tebow now. And that finding a way to stay on the field as the team's starting quarterback is an important part of the position.

    Tebow's chances of staying in the lineup long term hinge on his work as a passer. The Broncos know what he can do as a runner, but given Tebow's meetings with the team's medical staff to close out the season, the Broncos also know the price tag for those runs is pretty hefty as well.
    I don't know?


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    He got hurt in the pocket.......................
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      anyone who votes "yes" that Tebow can run as much as he did this past season and not get hurt are just fooling themselves. Maybe he could for a season here or there but he would not be able to sustain that for extended seasons.


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        Does he need to stop looking for contact? Yes..
        Does he need to stop running? LOL...


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          Originally posted by jetdrumz View Post
          He got hurt in the pocket.......................
          he got beat up running it before that.......

          between running the ball and sacks and hits in the pocket he is getting hit almost 50% of the snaps, come on now be realistic. That is NOT sustainable.


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            I pretty much agree but also believe as other areas of his game start to improve he'll also improve in his ability to make things happen with his feet .. He is still adapting to the speed of the game,timing and decision making process...I believe he can become effective in both throwing and running but will not get a chance wo vast improvement as a passer ..
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              Tebow won't stop running. His injuries happened in the pocket. He was hit while trying to throw the ball. Tebow: 122 rushing attempts. Cam Newton: 126 rushing attempts. And no one says Newton should stop running... This "run, don't run" thing will not be an issue if the passing yards increase. Such discussion happens because the Broncos had the fewest passing attempts and a running QB that defies the conventional ways. Once Tebow starts missing games because of his running ability, he will adapt like every mobile QB that gets older. But since he got hurt while playing like a pocket passer, I see no reason to change his style. The passing attempts must go up. Let him throw on 1st down. The yards through the air must improve, the completion percentage must improve. If the passing game gets better, everyone will stop worryng about how many rushing attempts Tebow has.


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                Something I've always wondered about the argument that Tim can't keep running: People always want a primary back, someone to take those 20 carries a game. Why would we expect them to be able to do that, but not expect Tim to take 10-12 a game?

                I think Ben Tate will be the best back taken in the 2010 draft. (5/3/10)
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                  What would be funny is if we found a backup similar to Tebow in skillet ( running the rock ), Tebow gets hurt and the backup ends up being a better passer

                  Idk what will happen in 2012 I just hope with the increased expectations it is just as exciting as 2011
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                    Originally posted by draco193 View Post
                    Something I've always wondered about the argument that Tim can't keep running: People always want a primary back, someone to take those 20 carries a game. Why would we expect them to be able to do that, but not expect Tim to take 10-12 a game?
                    because RBs are replaceable, most teams have 3 or 4 on the roster. There is only 1 starting QB. Same reason why most teams don't have a starting WR/CB returning kicks.


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                      Tebow was injured in the pocket. 'Nuff said.


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                        Originally posted by kingpins9 View Post
                        Tebow was injured in the pocket. 'Nuff said.
                        yea, cause getting hit on his 100+ carries had nothing to do with him being hurt...........

                        how many seasons did Vick go out hurt? How about Randall cunningham?


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                          This is stupid. Tebow gets hurt, and they try to use it as an excuse "see, I told you he can't be a run-first QB".

                          They don't know that he got hurt in the pocket.

                          I can do this too. Tom Brady will never make it as a pocket QB. He has to learn to run more. When he blew out his knee, it was obvious that he can't take the punishment from the pocket.

                          Oh...wait. That was flukish? It was a one-time thing? Really? He's gone through a few seasons since that time without getting hurt? Really? So, how many times has Tebow gotten hurt in the NFL? Once? Really? So, what's your point?

                          The thing is, we don't know. No QB's been built like Tebow in the NFL before and did the things Tebow does. The one thing you can't do is take his mentality from him by making him something he isn't.

                          The one thing you c


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                            I find it funny that people look down upon QBs getting injured due to the fact they like to run...and then you see a pocket qb stand in there, throw the ball and break a finger and miss time...or they throw a pick and try to make a tackle and get injured and miss time. I would say more injuries happen in the pocket due to the fact of taking blindsided hits. I'm also pretty sure run 2nd QBs can get hurt too.


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                              He needs to get rid of the ball quicker and stop taking unnecessary hits in the pocket. There are QBs that are far less athletic but don't get hit as much becuase they can get rid of the ball. Him running the ball will lead to injuries and so will holding on to it.