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broncos to add 2 new QB's to compete

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  • broncos to add 2 new QB's to compete
    That seems a bit much to me. I guess we will be adding a vet and a qb thru the draft, but 4 to compete seems like overkill. If I was weber I would be looking to take my talents elsewhere bc if they are bringing in 2 other qb's they must not think much of him
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    They're going into camp with 4 QBs..



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      They've gone in with four for the last two or three years it feels biggy,Weber's going to have to fight for his spot wherever he is.
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        John Fox says Broncos likely to add two QBs to compete with Tebow

        Tim Tebow is still the man. He's just not going to be the only man.

        While Tebow is the Broncos' starting quarterback, the team is expected to acquire two new quarterbacks this offseason.

        "Numbers wise that's accurate," Broncos coach John Fox said Monday over a team cafeteria lunch of barbecue chicken and macaroni and cheese. "Who, what, where, when, what market — it's still way too early how we get those quarterbacks."

        Fox was taking a quick break between all-day meetings in which he and the Broncos' football operations staff are preparing for the NFL scouting combine that begins Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis.

        The combine will fill downtown Indy with college players eligible for the 2012 draft in late-April, and agents representing players who will hit the free-agent market on March 13.

        The Broncos most pressing needs after finishing 9-9 last season, counting their split of two playoff games: Cornerback, defensive tackle, running back, quarterback, No. 3 receiver (if Eddie Royal leaves for free agency) interior offensive linemen. The team is also expected to use free agency to add veteran depth at linebacker and safety, particularly if Brian Dawkins retires.

        Still, no matter how the Broncos' approach the reshaping of their roster in the next two months, no move will generate more noise than those directly affecting Tebow.

        Tebowmaniacs should not panic if the Broncos sign a quarterback from free agency and draft another one. Most teams bring four quarterbacks into training camp, and right now, the Broncos only have Tebow and Adam Weber, who spent his rookie season on the practice squad, under contract.

        "He's going to come into our camp as the starting quarterback," Fox said of Tebow. "He's young. He can get better."

        Fox endorsed Tebow working out with UCLA quarterbacks coach Noel Mazzone the past week or so. NFL players cannot meet with their own coaches until April 16.

        "I think it's great," Fox said. "It beats sitting on the couch somewhere."

        Any concerns the techniques Mazzone teaches would be counterproductive to those taught by Broncos' offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and quarterbacks coach Adam Gase?

        "I mean this isn't rocket science," Fox said.

        Maybe, but it seems people use more brainpower dissecting Tebow's passing fundamentals than scientists do on rockets.

        "I know they do," Fox said. "They make it rocket science with everything. But I think it's great he's working out."



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          Sure is going to be weird having 4 qbs in camp just like every other team...


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            Training Camp

            Make your TC roster and practice schedule. Eighty in camp means about forty on each side of the ball. You need four QBs to run 1st, 2nd, 3rd and scout team. If you want to keep things moving on the practice field in a timely manner, you must have the guys to keep the show going.
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              Man...this is weird, why would we have 4 qb's we didn't do that last season going into camp /sarcasm

              So instead of Kyle, Tim, Brady, Webber
              Tim, Webber, two new guys....

              In before someone makes a mountain out of a molehill.


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                I have nothing wrong with it. I love Tebow and sure hope hes the guy and want him to open the year as the starter, but with Quinn a free Agent, and Weber an undrafted 2nd year QB, we are going to need a QB or 2. Whether its 1 in the draft or 1 in FA. We can't go in to camp with just Tebow I'm thinking we'll sign a FA QB. Maybe someone like Josh Johnson. Then draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round. Then maybe another undrafted QB. So that would be Tebow, Weber, FA QB, Draftee, Undrafted QB. 5 Total. Might be a tad overkill, but thats how I see things going right now. Should be an exciting few months though. Thats for sure.
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                  A book I wrote


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                    Originally posted by CTM View Post
                    Oh, god no.............


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                      I guess but wht does tht mean as far as weber is concerned. He didn't get put on the active roster even when we only had 2 qb's


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                        I get the impression Fox enjoys toying with the media because he knows they try to blow everything out of proportion. Like when he says, "I mean this isn't rocket science". He cracks me up.
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                          And depends which QB's they are.

                          Someone like a Josh Johnson and one in the 4th, sure.


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                            As long one of those new guys isn't a guy drafted within the first two rounds.


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                              Originally posted by Amari24 View Post
                              As long one of those new guys isn't a guy drafted within the first two rounds.
                              Yea, if we draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round, then it might be time to almost part ways with Tebow. I'm hoping for another season of him, and if he does well, and leads us to the playoffs, then hes our guy. If not, then we'll have a high pick and time to get our franchise QB. So I'm hoping we stay away from a QB in the early rounds.
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