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Coach John Fox busy refining Broncos' offseason wish list

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    Originally posted by fraguela09 View Post
    To me this sounds like we add Dan Connor in free agency (as insurance for Nate Irving at MLB). He fits the "depth" definition to a TEE. I also sense we look at a SS in free agency.

    Sounds like our "big" splashes in free agency will be CB & DT, obviously. And we'll probably back this up with top draft picks.

    I'm sure the top dawgs are atop our big board, but once prices start to be floating around... we'll target those bargain, middle-rung guys. Spread those dollars around to upgrade talent over multiple positions.

    We'll use the draft to try and find our "elite" pro bowl talent level players.

    We wont overspend to grab the best DT or CB, instead using that cash to find a WR #3, a DT, an interior OL, a SS & 2 LBs. Who knows.

    As for RB... History suggests we grab one in the first 2 rounds. This is the FOX way. Plus, we wont sign a big ticket RB like Rice. We have WM, so we wont bring in a band aid. I think this means we go all in on a RB in round 2.

    Still sounds like we go DL, RB & CB with our first 3 picks. Toss in a QB. There's 4 of our 5 picks fellows.
    I highly doubt we sign Connor unless it was for him to start, and it seems the FO is pretty high on Irving. Could see us bring back Woodyard and Haggan to go with Muhamed, and that's our LB's.

    As for the draft, pretty much figure that's what we'll do as well, but free agency will tell a lot. But DL, CB, and RB seem to be our top 3 picks logically speaking.


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      Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
      I hope your wrong, i know your not sold on Tebow, neither am i, but a QB in the 1st 2 rounds would be a waste.

      We have other holes that need to be filled.

      CB, DL, WR, RB should and hopefully will be our top 2 picks.

      Would love to get Carr though.
      Carr solves our CB need and we skipped DT last year and got Bunkley. I believe we can skip that again and make a "splash" in FA. Now our needs our WR and RB. However, none of those our dire needs. That's why I feel we get Foles. I'm not saying it would be smart because it wouldn't, but I can see Elway looking at it this way.