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Manning getting in tune to be conductor, not composer

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  • Manning getting in tune to be conductor, not composer

    I hope this hasn't been posted yet..

    Woody Paige: Manning getting in tune to be conductor, not composer

    Peyton Williams Manning directing an offense in the final quarter is analogous to Arturo Toscanini conducting during the closing notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

    Peculiar gestures, attention to detail, awareness, command, presence, resonance, three G's, hut, hut, hut, the long E-flat, the long pass, performance, perfection in movement.

    Two maestros.

    "To me, it is allegro con brio," the late Toscanini said.

    In a quick and lively tempo with spirit.

    "It's all about setting the tempo and dictating to the defense," Manning explained to me Friday.

    Peyton has brought his legendary leadership and orchestration to Denver.
    Yet, recent headlines — "Broncos switch to Manning's hurry-up, no-huddle offense" — are not totally accurate.

    "We haven't gotten to that point," Manning said before he departed for a fundraising weekend in Knoxville, Tenn. "What we are going to do (offensively) here depends on what (coordinator) Mike McCoy decides, based on the players we have, and I'm open to whatever direction that takes."
    The Broncos' embryonic new offense is under construction — unlike when Mike Shanahan departed with his "Atlas Shrugged"-sized playbook.

    Anyway, the term "hurry-up offense" is a misnomer. "I'd agree," Manning said. The Colts' offense, which he ran so proficiently for 13 seasons, was more of a "hurry-up-and-wait offense. Snapping the ball in a hurry isn't truly what we did all the time. We had different tempos."

    The threat was that the Colts could, from a huddle close to the line of scrimmage, start the play immediately, preventing defenses from constantly changing personnel and forcing them to try quickly to decipher what Manning might do. Generally, though, Manning would change the play (audiblize) at the line of scrimmage, shout out a fake play, move his receivers, recognize where the blitz would come from and await his linemen's blocking assignments' call. The actual play preparation could take up most of the 40-second clock.

    For example, in the last game Manning played in Denver in 2010 against the Broncos, his last two touchdown drives of 79 and 88 yards averaged 27.9 and 27.7 seconds between plays.

    Manning said he will work "super fast," slow, under center and "from the gun," but, he promised, and laughed, "I won't line up at wide receiver" and, he won't be operating the run-option offense that the Broncos adopted after Tim Tebow took over at quarterback. "Now, that would be surprising to defenses if I ran the football," Manning said.

    He has been sequestered in a darkened room at Dove Valley, with pad and pen, studying "cutouts" (specific plays, not full game tapes) used by McCoy and coach John Fox when they were together in Carolina, "tapes of what the Packers and the Saints have done well recently," the rushing plays designed for Willis McGahee last year, pass plays the Broncos had before Tebow and, of course, a variety of Manning plays with the Colts.

    The Broncos' playbook will be an amalgamation, he said, of all those plays and "things that (tight end Joel) Dreessen and (wide receiver Andre) Caldwell and the other guys" did in the past.

    "It's a process that we'll continue to put in" in minicamps and training camp "as we get to know each other."

    Manning said NFL observers "always say I spend so much time looking at films of defenses, but I spend most of the time looking at what my offense does. It's the best way for me to learn what I'm doing wrong and how to get better. I love looking at film. I love to practice. I love repetitions."

    The terminology has changed drastically for Manning. "You're in a comfort zone and have a sense of security when you're in the same system with the same coach (Indianapolis' Tom Moore) for 14 years, but I'm thrilled with the challenge of learning a new terminology."

    Here's Manning from the Colts' huddle: "Deuce right 255 X block short H disco Alex 12 trap. ... No, no, no, Alert 12 belly." And at the line he would yell out "Disco yo-yo" and "Chocolate, Boo on Raiders."

    The Fox-McCoy emphasis, historically, on the run "excites" Manning. "People think I'm all about the pass, but if I throw five passes in a game, it means we're running the football well. You play to your strength."

    The Broncos do have a strength — of schedule, which includes seven playoff opponents and five night games. Manning has been the league's most productive prime-time quarterback. The schedule doesn't bother him. "Every game in the NFL these days is difficult."

    He's energized for the opener against the Steelers. "I'm glad we're opening at home against a great team. It gives us a real focal point getting ready for the season."

    The past week was eventful for Manning in several ways. He could report to Dove Valley for sessions with a full complement of offensive players.
    For the first time since his signing with the Broncos, "at the end of my day (Thursday), I went up to (John Elway's) office, and we talked football and shot the bull. I'll get a lot of good advice from him."

    Also, for the first time, just he and Fox shared dinner one evening. "We told stories about when he was coaching with the Giants and the Panthers, and we played each other. Having a great relationship between the quarterback and the head coach is important and special to me."

    Manning has found a house for his family, is meeting local folks ("Everybody's been so nice"), has eaten at Shanahan's restaurant and is anticipating his first Rockies game of the year — "I've never lived in a major-league baseball city" — and reuniting with his quarterback predecessor at Tennessee — Todd Helton.

    And he's adjusting to altitude. "First couple of times I worked out I could feel the difference, and I thought it was that whirlwind tour I've been on. I remember that when we (the Colts) came here, the altitude was on everybody's mind, and we were worried about dehydration. Tough place to play. ... I hope it can work to our advantage this year. I'll know when the season is over."

    After the University of Tennessee's final victory in 1997, Peyton Manning grabbed a baton, climbed a ladder and led the school band in playing "Rocky Top."

    Fifteen years later, in his new Rocky Mountains home, Manning will conduct the Broncos and their legions in "A Symphony In Orange."
    In a Mile High state of mind...

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    Nice to hear he's settling in. Don't want him feeling like a visitor in Denver.


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      Music to my ears.


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        Great article ...CP when I get to a computer

        Hope McCoy let's him run the show for the most part

        Wow...Peyton Manning is a Bronco!


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          nothing I haven't read be... wait... Peyton Manning is a Bronco???

          :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa:

          Adopted Bronco 2015 CJ Anderson


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            Ive been on this board for awhile but never been this active during the offseason....

            Watching this team this season,is going to be great
            I support Kaepernick 100%